Saturday, December 21, 2013

BEAUTY REVIEW: em by Michelle Phan lengthening mascara


Alright so this is my first review of a prodct here. If I can tell you a secret...I used to have a beauty account on YouTube...the videos are actually still up...but I wont link it because I dont want to :P 

Anyways the product I am reviweing today is a mascara! Now if you know my beauty prefrences (which I hope you dont yet because I just started this blog and if you did it might be creepy...) I am not really one to try new mascara's. I have the select few I like and I stick to them. (Those are 2 Maybelline ones Collosal and Rocket). But I subscribed to the best thing ever called Ipsy (Check it out here). It is a monthly subscription service that is $10 a month and you get a makeup bag and a "kit" to make a look in the bag. Its pretty nifty. Well from my November bag I got the "em by Michelle Phan Lash Galley Lenghtening mascara" (thats a MOUTHFULL!) 

Now let me tell you a little about my eye lashes. I have short stubby eyelashes (and eyebrows). Long story short when I was a baby I didnt like the fact I had hair on my face so...I pulled almost all my eyelashes and eyebrows out. When my eyelashes grew back (well they still arent as long as when I was a baby my mom says.) they stick straight out and they are still pretty sparse. So I NEED a mascara that can give me length and volume. Since this was just a lenghtening one, I knew it wouldnt do both.

This mascara has a curved wand. I will insert someone else's picture because I havent taken one... (bad blogger) The packaging is not cheap but it doesnt look very high quality either. 
So what do I think of this mascara you say? On what it promises to do? I give it a 4 out of 5 stars. Its really does make my eyelashes longer. If someone is just going for length this is perfect for them. So far it hasnt been flaky or irritated my eyes. But me, personally, after the first coat of this I smack some Maybelline Rocket on top and we are good to go.

You can try this mascara out for yourself if you buy it here. It is a little pricey ($20.00) and I really don't see myself spending this much on a mascara when I can get a Maybelline one that I really like better overall.

Moral of the story: Thank you Ipsy for giving me a product I wouldnt have bought myself! I will enjoy using two masacaras until this "em" runs out!!!

Love always,

P.S. Next time I do a beauty review I swear I will have my own pictures of the product and not one I found on google!

UPDATE: About 2 weeks after every day use it started flaking when I put my Rocket mascara on top of it...


  1. Wonderful product review!


  2. Excuse me ma'am your YouTube was great.


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