Sunday, December 15, 2013

Blogging and my feelings...

Hi! I am not sure if this is only goign to be 'future Elizabeth' reading this or if there will actually be some silly person who wants to read my thoughts...but to whoever is reading this, hello and whatnot.

So any-t-ways...this blogging thing should be fun right? I figured a blog is one of the best places to watch my personal growth and my daily experiences. If you are the silly person I refered to earlier, welcome to my inner thoughts that I decided to write on the internet. Thats logical right? But hey if you seriously want to get to know me better, click on the meet your blogger tab at the top^^^. It will be added to over time but that was all I could think of at the time. AND BIG DISCLAIMER: I SUCK AT GRAMMAR/SPELLING. Sometimes the spell check won't catch my mistakes. Sorry 'bout it if it bothers you.

So now for the bloggy stuff about my day and my feelings and such. 

I am on Christmas break from my first semester of college. Let me tell you, I am glad that my first semester is over. I am honestly just glad for a break. I still have to work every week day but thats okay because I actually really like my job. Who would have ever thought?!?! I teach 7 little two year old angels from 1-6 in the afternoon and I love it. (You would already know this if you read my about me. I mean seriously what are you waiting for?) 

Today has been a really lazy day for me. I seriously have got out of bed to pee and find my laptop charger...oh and lets not forget to eat. Ya girl gotta eat. DOnt hate on me. Sunday is the only day I technically have off and I take advantage of it! But I have been thinking a lot today and I was thinking about the fact that I am getting older and the new year will be starting soon. I would love to have something like a diary to look at from the start of last year...but I dont. So hopefully this is where this comes into play.

At the present moment I am so very excited about that fact that Christmas is 10 days away!! I have 95% of my shopping done. WOOOO! I usually wait till the 20th to finish it all because I'm cool like that. I am sipping my pepermint hot chocolate (crush up a pepermint, plop that into scalding hot milk. Put a pack of hot chocolate in that, stir that bad boy up and ya got my personal favorite Christmas drink!), listening to Michael Buble's Christmas album, eating the Rold Gold pepermint dipped snowflakes (can we say YUMMY?!), burning the bath and body works candle Marshmellow Fireside and just enjoying my life. It could be a lot worse. And thats the thought I want to leave you with. It's Christmas time. Just think about how blessed ou are today. Till next time.

Love always,

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