Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas and Road Trips

So we found out that they have wi-fi here in Alabama! So this is going to be a collective post of many days. So if you aren't interested in my life I would stop now! :)

So on Christmas as I said in a previous post, we woke up at 8:30 and did the presents thing at my house. This past Christmas was all about Bryan Lee since he was only less 11 days old last Christmas. Then we ate our typical Christmas day breakfast (which consists of: candy, canday, and candie). We then got ready in our nice Christmas day outfits (I got Minnie Mouse footie pj's for my Christmas Eve present [we ALWAYS get to open one present on Christmas Eve. Its ALWAYS pj's.] and I did not want to get out of those to get dressed in regular clothes.) We then went to my grandparents. Please enjoy the following picture of myself in my Pjs.

 When everyone was there we opened presents. This was the first year I actually truly had enough money to get everyone what I think they deserved and my favorite part of Christmas this year was for sure seeing people's faces when they opened their presents. This year everyone complained about how hard it was to shop for me because I couldn't really think of anything I wanted. But I got everything that I could have asked for and more. It was fantastic to get not one thing I knew of. After I left my grandparents I went home to pack my bags for Alabama. Aaron then came and picked me up and we were off to his sister's house which is about an hour away. I had known since July that Alyssa (Aaron's sister) would be getting engaged on Christmas morning and so I finally got to talk to her about her new engagement. And I am so so so excited to help her with her wedding. She has asked me to do her hair and makeup which I am so excited to do for her! :)

The next morning at about 5:30 a.m. we were off. (We as in Aaron, his older brother and sister and I.) Making the nine hour trip from South Carolina to Alabama!!! We got here about 2:00 (3:00 our time! We gained an hour! WOOO!). We really didn't do much that day. I feel the need to note that we did lounge around and his parents friend's came over. Oh and we opened Christmas presents too!!

The next day we all got showered and ready and went kinda shopping in this shopping center. I got to experience a "World Market" for the first time and it is so neat! I also want to mention to you guys that if you have an Old Navy near you they are having an INCREDIBLE sale right now. I got a polka dot cardigan, a dark grey one, and a pair of socks for Sixteen dollars! Here is a picture of the polka dot one I got! (There is noway for me upload pictures here in Alabama so settle for this one of the website please! )
The polka dots are sparkly!!! 
Today it was VERY wet rainy and gross here in the big Alabama. It literally rained all day. Seriously. But we went to the Goodwill here (I love good bargain hunting!) But sadly, I didn't find any diamonds in the rough today. Then we went to Walmart. The Walmart we went to had made a mistake when pricing some of their $11.48 Cd's and marked them $6.98. Well they had caught most the ones they messed up one and ripped the tag off. But lucky for me I found the new Katy Perry CD for $6.98!!! And I got an awesome camera case for my camera! We went to Starbucks after that and Aaron's mom, sister, and I got Carmel Brule Lattes. Then we came back to Aaron's parents humble abode and we have chilled out here and watched football/ Cinderella (currently watching! ever since. I have also painted Alyssa and I's (grammar?) fingernails. I painted them Mod About You by OPI. Its seriously one of the prettiest nail colors EVER. Its almost completely opaque in one coat. the color seriously looks good on every skin tone. Here is picture of one I have once again, stolen from Google. Check out the blog mentioned in the picture. I am sure its great!
Now I am very happily watching Cinderella with his family. His mom is cooking my favorite meal EVER. They call it Country Fried Steak. Its delicious. I wait months at a time waiting for this meal again. You best believe I will be gaining at least ten pounds tonight, We are also flying a little remote control helicopter Aaron's dad bought the day before we got here. It is seriously something I am having a great time with. I am going to try to take picture while I am down here so I can have pictures to show but whatever...

I hope you guys have a great rest of the night and I will post again soon! Again I apologize for the long post! But I hope you enjoy it!! 

Love Always,

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