Wednesday, December 18, 2013


If you're anything like I usually am at Christmas time you wait till the last minute to buy presents for everyone in your life and then get what I call present block (which is obviously the mental disorder where you have no earthly idea what to buy people on your list.)  Well have a block no more! I am here to the rescue.

So here is a list of what I think might be helpful for last minute for the lady in your life!

So first off I suggest checking their Pinterest. They just might give you some hints on where to start!

If their pinterest doesn't get the juices flowing on the ideas, this is for the lady who likes makeup:
I 100% recommend Urban Decay's Naked palette. It is a little more expensive (It will set you back $52.00) I own one myself and have for almost two years. It seriously has lasted forever and I have a legit love affair with it. You can purchase it at Sephora or Ulta (Click on the names of the store and it will take you right to the item! (YOU'RE WELCOME!)

For the lady who loves fashion:

You might be able to tell this watch in the picture is a Michael Kors watch. But this being last minute we don't wanna spend $400 on a watch do we? If you're looking for a cheaper but still really pretty option, I would say waltz right up in your Walmart, Belk, Macy's etc and go to the jewelry section. You can find some really pretty watches for a lot cheaper! If you're going the online route, I suggest amazon or eBay!!!

Next up is the lady who likes smelling good (or that you thinks needs a bath...)  :
If you've been hiding under rocks and didn't know this is  the Bath and Body Works holiday collection I will enlighten you. This is the Bath and Body Works holiday collection. Bath and Body Works has some really dandy smelly good things. Their line goes from bubble bath to glitter body spray. There is always a coupon for here so make sure you do some research before you shop! If you're looking to shop online here is the website----> Bath and Body Works

The lady who likes her area to smell nice:

Okay so I know I really love candles. Like a lot. So I would go to...anywhere and buy some candles. The dollar store even has some! But if you're looking to be real fancy I would recommend the Diamond Candle. It comes with a nice smell and whatnot and a ring!!! How cool is that?!?! Here is a link to that site: link . I also recommend the Bath and Body works candles. They are on sale for 2 for $22 right now!

For the lady who likes too cook/bake:

I am sure you have heard or even had to eat a 'cake pop'. Well here is the new thing. It's called a pie pop maker. I have one and I just think its the coolest thing. The pops are YUMMY and it's pink. Its really rare that a woman or girl doesn't like pink!!! I purchased mine from Ollie's but you can buy one here----
pie pop maker 

For that lady you don't think applies to any of the above...
That person that you still have a block know who I am talking about. Well since she is just so difficult, get her a Visa debit card with a set amount. It's like a gift card but its not limited to one store. SO kinda like cash. But the card is...pretty?

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  1. Pie pop?! How does that work is there filling? I'm so intrigued.

    1. They have a needle like thingy and you put it into the side and push the filing in. It has kept me entertained for hours before...

  2. The pie pops look like tiny uncrustables! Oh, my childhood.

  3. These are such great last minute gift ideas! Thank you for sharing!



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