Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas and cows with LONG tongues.

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE!!! :) I couldn't be more excited for Christmas! My schedule for Christmas... We do Christmas at my house then we go to my grandmothers. After that Aaron and I will be going to his sister's house and spending the night there. The next morning we will be leaving for Alabama (where his parents live). Its quite a drive. I think its either 8 or 12 hours? I cant remember which. But I am so excited to see his family. We haven't seen his parents since August. (I think? I know it was this past summer...). So this will probably be my last post until we get home (leaving on the 26 returning on 30!).

But pretty much nothing has happened the past few days. Yesterday I went to work and as we came in we were handed a plate full of Christmas goodies from my bosses. Then I was overwhelmed once again at the love I got from my angels and their families. Also my boss came around with this awesome fudge and some soap that smells HEAVENLY. After that I went to Aaron's and we had Subway. Our Subway's truck didn't come in that morning so they were out of a lot of stuff and I didn't get pickles on my sub. Which was depressing. (hahahahahahahahahahaha! It wasn't that big of a deal). Then I came home and finished wrapping my Christmas gifts. And I slept till seven this morning. I have read a little this morning and played with my little brother who has a fever of 102 :( So keep him in your prayers.

The other night when I posted the "Christmas Cracker tag" I said I was going to look at lights with my man. Well we ended up driving almost two hours to go to this petting zoo/lights combined. I had been before but it had been a while and Aaron had never been so it was a fun trip. I had a cow lick my hand which was...different. And I think Aaron had a good time watching me act crazy over the animals. OH! I TOUCHED A ZEBRA! And I fed a goat from a bottle. Which was cool. haha So without further a due here are some pictures.

It was really difficult to get pictures of the lights form our moving car but here are some of the attempts!  

This is me hanging out the window of Aaron's car trying to feed some animal in what they call the "deer forest". Its pretty much just a big field with a bunch of deer, buffalo, cows, a zebra, a zonkey, and a pony or two. You ride through the deer forest in our car and they give you a bag of bread to feed them! (Which they don't want...)
This is the cow that got to lick my arm. You can tell how much he wanted the bread...
This is the Zebra that I got up close and personal with. (When I go to pet it...I will admit I kinda freaked out a little.)

The goat didn't really want the bottle. I mean if I had bottles shoved in my face all night with the same stuff I wouldn't want it either...
And this is a bull with a freakishly long tongue. 

Okay so that is all for me. I hope you guys have a fantastic Christmas and a safe one too! I hope Santa brings you everything you desire!!! And don't forget the real meaning of CHRISTmas. Happy Birthday Jesus.

Love Always,

P.S. Please go watch this moving video. If you aren't in the spirit now...You will be after this. CLICK ME!

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  1. I love these photos, it looks like you had a wonderful time! I hope you and your family had a very merry and bright Christmas!



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