Friday, December 20, 2013

Thankfulness and Jennifer Lawrence

Today there is so much I want to this could get kinda long. Or it could stay kinda short. We will see! MUHAHAHAH!

So first off I guess we could start with my day...Last night I fell asleep with my light on, fully clothed (including shoes), hair up, and contacts in. If you wear contacts you know the pain I am feeling when I say my eyes were on FIRE when I awoke at 4 a.m. So I stumbled out of bed, took my contacts, got ready as well as I could for 4 a.m. and turned my light off and went back to my deep slumber. You don't want to know what time I awoke. I am ashamed. But anyways I got up and grumpily got ready for work. I actually think "grumpy" was an understatement. I was determined since I didn't sleep well last night today would be bad despite the fact it was Friday. Well I got to work (I arrive in the middle of nap time every day) and on my counter I had three Christmas presents. I opened them and was amazed by the fact my little angel's families had thought enough of me to buy me something. It made me very very happy. (And when they awoke from nap time the ones who brought gifts made sure to tell me that they were the ones who brought them. ) We had cupcakes outside today since the weather was so nice. My day ended up being pretty great. Oh! Remember how I told y'all about Twinkles ( if you missed that post click here to be directed to it.)? Well Twinkles will be leaving my class on Monday during nap time. Which is kinda sad. I have really enjoyed coming up with mischief for him to get into! So he wrote on the mirror in my class and told them to say bye because he was returning to the north pole on Monday. I then drove home and got to spend some quality tie with my little brother.
So now I am here. Well were is here you may ask? Am I at a party? Am I sitting by a bon-fire? Am I on a date? If you said yes to any of the above YOU ARE WRONG! I am sitting on my bed on this fine Friday night listening to my Dave Barnes Pandora (I LOVE DAVE BARNES), reading Insurgent (this is the second book in the Divergent series. I will be doing a trilogy review when I finish all three!!! Any other Divergent fans out there? So far I am LOVING the trilogy!), and trying not to fall asleep before 11 because if I do I am gonna feel like a loser. Maybe when I finish with this post I will wrap some presents because that really needs to be done...

But moral of the story, being grumpy doesn't help anything. I was so excited and thankful to see that someone thought of me enough to get me something for Christmas. I am also so thankful for all the times my little angel's come tackle my leg and say "I love you Miss E. Let me hug you!" I am so thankful to have a house to live in and to cuddle under the covers at night! I am thankful that I have someone reading this blog post. I am genuinely happy right now in my life.

Love always,

P.S. So I really wanted to include this link because I love J Law and think that we are pretty much the same person. I mean she is just way more successful and gorgeous and such but hey...lets overlook the minor details. Without further a due....The link that proves Jennifer Lawrence is AMAZING.

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