Friday, January 24, 2014

Building snowmen and Red Lobster.

Wow! I feel like I haven't done a "diary" entry in forever! Well my life has been super uneventful so I guess that is why.

Last weekend I felt like I was dying. Holy crap. I am not sure if I got a bug or something but it put me out for the count. I haven't been that sick in years. Seriously. It was bad. I am still trying to get "not tired" from being sick.

I started on my second semester of college! (I got a certificate in the mail yesterday that said I was on the dean's list for last semester! So yay for small achievements!) I am taking five classes again. I know that this next semester is not going to be as easy as last semester. One of my classes is online and it is already proving to me why I said I never wanted to take an online class. Its an English class though and that's my best subject, so hopefully I will be okay! But I am taking my first class that is going to help me with my career...This is the first class I have ever had that I feel like I actually will need one day... (Its educational psychology by the way!!!)

In other news...I am obsessed with soundtrack to Frozen. Holy crap that movie is perfect in every way. Like one of my new favorites... DO YOU WANNA BUILD A SNOWMAN?!?! LOVE IS AN OPEN DOOR?!?! LEEEEETTTTTTTTTTTTT ITTTTTTTTT GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just cant enough. I even have been pinning a million pictures from the movie to my pinterest. I am obsessed.

Oh! Two nights ago my right front tire popped. So that kinda sucked. It was dark and I wasn't in the best part of town.  But thank God I have a dad and grandpa who changed my tire in the 30 degree weather. So now I have to pay to get new tires on the front of my car and my car aligned. So I am broke.

Yesterday was not my best day ever either. I slept through all three alarms I had set. I walked out of my house without pants on (Do not worry, I went back and put them on. Oh I also live in the country of a small town so I don't think anyone saw me...but hey, you never know.) My little angels did everything to push my buttons. From pinching (which I usually don't have problems with) to tantrums because they couldn't finger paint for three seconds longer. Maybe it was me that was already in a weird mood but they seriously pushed my buttons. But on a plus side I got my window done! I will try to remember to post pictures soon!

But in other news, tonight Aaron and I had a double date. It was with the only people we will probably ever go on double dates grandparents. My grandma wont be here long though she has to go sit at the hospital with my sister....Did I mention my sister in the hospital? She is. Aaron and I cooked spaghetti, red lobster biscuits, and a chocolate chip pizza. It is a copy cat recipe from Pizza Inn! It is perfect! So ending on the note of food, what would your perfect meal be? Or what is it? :)

Until next time.

Love Always,

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