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Elizabeth Reads: Divergent Trilogy

First off, sorry for the lack of post, I recently just got over a  deathly illness that I was sure I was going to die from. Second of all, lets get to the exciting stuff....

YAY FOR BOOK REVIEWS! So this is my first book review on here and I am super excited!!!! 

So today instead of doing a book review on a solitary book I am going to do a trilogy review. I feel like this is going to be the best way to get all the "feels" I have about these books out without giving any spoilers. 

So first off you have to know that this is one of these Dystopian trilogy's. SHOCKER! I am in love with these kind of books like every other girl who likes to read. On that note I do want to say that I think these books are pretty gender neutral. I don't think the author was trying to aim to a specific gender. So these books are by Veronica Roth. These are her first three books and if I don't say so myself, she has been pretty darn successful! Divergent is going to be a major motion picture released in March. (I have pretty high expectations for it ...) Well before I started reading the first one, I was still (AND STILL AM!) a Hunger Games girl. So I was very skeptical that any dystopian book could even compare. Well my darlings, these three books went above and beyond! (I AM STILL A HUNGER GAMES GIRL!!! *insert Peeta fan girl moment here*) Anyways, I am sure that you would like to know what these books are about. So here we go...

This trilogy is based in the Chicago (United States) area. If you have lived in the south your whole life, have never been farther North than Tennessee, and you're really bad with geography you will not know that until they say it in the third book... 
If you are still clueless as to where Chicago is, here is a better idea.

As I said before it is a completely different world. In this world you find out that there are five "factions" which divide their society. There is the Amity (people who want peace), Candor (people who believe that honesty is always the answer), Erudite (the people that are very smart), Abnegation (people who are selfless), and Dauntless (people who are brave). There is also the people who don't have factions who are referred to as the Factionless (They are kinda like homeless people). You are born into a certain faction and you stay there until you are 16. On a certain day of every year every 16 year old undergoes the "test" which helps them decide what faction they should be in. Then the next day (or a few days after? I don't really remember... SORRY!!!) every 16 year old choose a faction. They can stay in the one they have been in for their whole lives, or they can venture into a new faction leaving everything they have ever known behind. After you chose your faction, the 16 year old goes through that faction's initiation. If they make it through they will become part of that faction, if not, they become factionless. 

So now we have the idea. Our main character's name is Beatrice Prior. She is from the Abnegation part of her town. She has just turned 16 and is going to take her test. Her test is done and she finds out she is what they call Divergent. This is someone who has the aptitude for more than one faction. You find out that it is very dangerous to be Divergent in this world. So honestly the whole book is about Beatrice/ Tris finding how to be Divergent, what it means to herself, and those around her. The fact that she is Divergent is what keeps all three books moving. It turns a little Sci-Fi if you ask me in the last book but hey it wasn't so bad I couldn't continue the series that I loved. 

I can honestly say I loved every minute (almost...) of this trilogy. It surprised me into loving it more than I had planned. It honestly has every part of a book you can wish for. There is action (I am so excited to see what they do with all this action in the movies.), there is a love story (*swoon* but its not like a love Triangle like every other book in America recently), just enough suspense that makes you read the books in a week, and little mystery I guess...The characters (most of them...the ones that matter) are well developed and you learn to love (or hate) them. 

Overall I give this trilogy a 9.0 out of 10. I really liked them, there are just a few things that I wish would have been different. :) 

*If you have read the Divergent series and want to know what faction you would be in CLICK HERE (I got Dauntless..which I'm not sure if that's right but hey, whatever!)

*If you haven't dived into the world of Divergent yet and would like to, I searched around and at the time Walmart had the cheapest one(  It will obviously be cheaper to buy them on your Kindle so keep that in mind!) But CLICK HERE

*Lastly here is the trailer for the movie coming out in March! It's gonna be Legen-wait for it-DARY! (How I Met Your Mother Humor there...) WATCH IT HERE!

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