Sunday, January 26, 2014

January Ipsy Bag!

***First off I am not being paid to make this review! I am not affiliated with Ipsy at all and am doing these monthly reviews simply because I want to share this awesome service***

I finally got my Ipsy bag for January a couple days ago!!!!!!!!!!!!1 If you don't know what Ipsy is let me tell you in my own words... Ipsy is a fantastical, magical, monthly subscription service. You get a makeup bag and samples or full size products in the bag that will make a makeup look. You take a test when you register that tells the company what kind of stuff you would like to receive. I mean if you are a nude lipstick person you wouldn't want to get red lipstick every month right? And if you are a smokey eye every day kinda girl, you don't want neutral eye shadows. They also use brand name products in these bags such as Benefit, Buxom, Sexy Hair, Urban Decay and many more! (and some not name brands. The whole idea is to try new products/brands!) So you are probably thinking "Well Elizabeth, you must be spending a fortune on these a month! You re crazy!" Well let me enlighten you...I AM NOT CRAZY.I only pay $10 a month for these awesome bags! I think Ipsy might be the crazy one for offering such an awesome service for such a bargain.

So what all was in my bag this month? Well lets take a look. I haven't used anything yet so I cant give any reviews. If you would like a review on a certain product let me know and I can do that!

This is the bag for this month. I am not crazy about the design on the bag but the quality is great. I am actually giving it to my mom...

,My first product is the Mica Beauty Tinted Lip balm It is $30 full size. I got the shade natural. It's really pretty and I am excited to try it! 

The next product is an Elizabeth Mott shadow stick. I got the shade penny which is obviously a copper color. The full size of this product is $14.99.
I am really excited to try these face wipes. I hope they get makeup off. (They don't say that anywhere on the package...)  These are the full size product and they retail for $4.50.
I have EXTREMELY dry skin on my face so I am very excited to try this Nourish Organic lightweight moisturizer! The full size is $21.99.
This is the thing that made this bag so exciting for me. I have wanted to try the Healthy "sexy hair" line for some time now. I used to use one of the sexy hair hair sprays and have some of the curlysexyhair mousse that I love. But I just cant but this without knowing that I love it. So I am so excited I have it now to try! :) The full size retails for $17.99

So as I said before, If you would like a review on anything after I use it, please comment it below!  
If you would like to subscribe to Ipsy CLICK HERE to be directed to their site! :)

And I hope to be doing these every month! :) So, until next month! 

Love Always, 


  1. I just got my ipsy bag but I haven't tried it yet - I got the same tinted lip balm, but mine came cracked, which I was a little sad about. Either way, it's fun to get new products!

    jess | Quaintrelle

  2. Great post! I got my Ipsy bag a little while ago and the bag itself smelled terrible so I threw it out. I liked some of the stuff in mine, like the Elizabeth Mott pencil (mine was in the color "Pearl"), but wasn't that crazy about the other things. All in all, it was okay.

    I'm so glad I found your blog! I just followed you on GFC and bloglovin so I can keep up with your posts, I would love to keep in touch! It would make my day if you'd follow me back :)


  3. Oops, I tried to paste my signature and for some reason my last comment on another blog was copied and pasted. Silly me!


  4. Too fun! My sister gets the ipsy bags and I was in love with the January packaging <3



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