Sunday, January 5, 2014

Movie Review: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

So I contemplated not doing a review on this movie. Why do you ask? Because I don't think I can capture all its awesomeness in a post. So I am going to take a shot at it and hope I can do it halfway justice. 
First off I hope you enjoy this collage of movie posters I put together. There were a lot of different posters for this movie and I put together a few of my favorite. 

Alright so lets start at the beginning. About 4 months ago I walked in my man candy (Aaron's) house. He could not stop talking about this movie he couldn't wait to see that came out on Christmas day. So I watched the trailer. (Here is the trailer. CLICK HERE ) But I admit I really wasn't that pumped about it. FAST FORWARD to last night... I felt like doing something extra special for Aaron...well because he's special to me (insert barfing noises here). He knew the movie was out but kept forgetting to make time to go see it. I showed up at his house and kidnapped him for surprise date night. He had no clue until we got there and when I told him I saw his face light up. I was so excited that I was getting to be apart of something he had been anticipating anxiously for the past few months. I bought our tickets and we headed to the theater. (After we got a blue raspberry Icee...)

So let's get on to the plot of the movie...Oh and don't worry, I wont be giving any spoilers. So look somewhere else if you want to ruin this piece of awesome movie for yourself. 

So there is this man and his name is Walter Mitty. He is a business man working for LIFE magazine. He has an eHarmony on which he stalks a girl from work he has a major crush on. Please note they have never really talked before... He tries to leave her a wink and it doesn't work so he calls eHarmony support. There he starts talking to, over the phone, a guy named Todd. He talks to him every now and then throughout the movie. Walter is the kinda man who doesn't take risks. He had a bunch of dreams as a teen but most of them were halted when his dad died when he was about 16. As you can see from the trailer, LIFE magazine decides to go strictly to an Internet magazine. Shaun O'Connell is a photographer who has worked for LIFE  for years. He feels connected to Walter and sends him a wallet and his last roll of film for the last magazine. He says in a note with the gift that photo #25 is his best work ever and he wants it to be last cover. 

When Walter receives the photos number 25 is missing. Walter tries to track Shaun down from his office and that doesn't go so hot. So Walter decided he has to know where the negative is. He goes on a journey trying to find Shaun, to find a picture, and finds himself along the way.

Ben Stiller stars (May I mention he also directed it?) in this awesome piece of movie. I believe it has a little bit of everything in it. A little bit of mystery, action, just enough life lesson, love, and humor to keep anyone entertained. I feel like the mixed reviews on this were ridiculous. I give this movie a 1708763546875943579999348 out of 10. I went into this movie with no expectations and it is probably one of the best movies I have seen in years. The characters were well developed. The main characters evolution from the begging is incredible. Aaron and I went to Chilli's after the movie and seriously the only thing we talked about was Walter Mitty...

So bottom line, if you are looking for a movie to go see, or you aren't...GO SEE THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY.

Love Always,

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  1. So my husband I were trying to decide between this movie and 'Wolf of Wall Street' the other night and unfortunately the later won out. After I read this I am realizing we might have made a mistake. It's nice to read a 'real persons' review and not the dumb critic reviews, I almost never agree with them anyways.


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