Sunday, January 12, 2014

REVIEW: Sally Hansen French Mani strips.

I have a review for you on a beauty product! (obviously...) 

A little backstory first. Okay so I was in Burkes Outlet Christmas shopping and found these. I was so excited because I loved the regular nail strips. Oh and it didn't hurt that this $10 product was only $3! I was so excited I had found a deal like that! Plus, it was pretty cool they were really sparkly... (If you have been living on Mars and they don't have polish strips there, here is a brief run-down. They are pretty much stickers you put on your nails that harden like nail polish. They also last way longer than actual polish and they can be removed with fingernail polish remover! But warning: if you open the pack you have to use the strips within an hour because they harden and are no longer sticky if you wait.)

So first off lets just start off with whats inside.
It comes with an Orange stick to push back your cuticles, a finger nail file/ buffer, the actual polish stips and two packs of clear coat. 

The normal strips don't come with a top coat so I was jacked about that as well! I was confused at first as to why I only got one pack of the polish. Well the reason why is because there are two tips on one strip! So there is enough in the one pack for both hands.

So I tried doing the first few nails and realized the tips were not looking right. They just kept coming back off my nails. So I thought maybe if I went ahead and did the top coat they would stay down after that! So I did both hands with the gold tips that barely stuck. Then I did a whole hand with the clear coat and realized that they weren't laying down. I wasn't crazy about how they looked either. So very highly agitated at this point I peeled them off. (These never hardened...) I was very sad. I have look up other people's reviews and none of them had bad things to say about these...So I am obviously the ugly duckling review here.

This is what the disaster was after I was "done"

So the moral of the story here is 1.) I do not like the french tip strips Sam I am. 2.) Maybe I shouldn't try to be good at doing my nails 3.) Maybe I shouldn't buy beauty products from Burkes.
Whatever the case was I just know these were NOT my cup of tea. 

If you would like to try these out yourself and prove me wrong I am sure that Walmart, Target, or any drugstore would have these. But if you want to order online... here is the link to buy them!

Love Always, 

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