Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow Storms and Tattoos.

Hi guys!!! I hope you are having a fantastic week! Its almost Friday! This week has FLOWN by. Why may you ask? Well, good question! IT SNOWED!!!!!!! Now for my northern followers you are probably like "Yeah Yeah. What's so great about snow? We have it all the time." Well here in good ole South Carolina, we haven't had a good flurry in about three years. Granted we only got about an inch...But hey, every little bit counts! :) That one inch of good snow was enough to get us sent home early from work on Tuesday (before it actually started snowing), no school or work Wednesday, and a two hour delay for school on Thursday! Also, we will have people driving 20 mph for the next week scared of ice... So when we get snow, it really effects us! Please enjoy these couple of pictures of my family and I in the snow! :)

My two younger siblings! 
My little brother enjoying his first snow! He loved crawling in it!!! 
Today school was supposed to start back (We had a delay) but my only class got canceled. That's awesome right?!!? It would have been if I would have checked my email before coming to class. (I live 45 minutes away from my school so I didn't want to drive back home when I had to be here at one for work...) But anyways I am sitting here obviously doing a blog post, but I am actually just procrastinating from my math homework. I am taking a prob and stats class that is kicking my tail already. 

I have been thinking of getting a tattoo for quite some time now. I know what I want and where I want to put it, just not the color. I wanted white, but I feel like there are so many complications with getting a white tattoo. So I am thinking of getting it maybe one shade darker than my skin tone. But I have a little more thinking to do. I want to be SURE before I put something on my body forever. 

So today I leave you with the question of tattoos. If you don't have a tattoo, have you thought about getting one? What would you get? And where would you put it? And if you already have one where is it, and what is it? :)

Stay Warm! 
Love Always,


  1. I live in Charleston, and we had 2 snow days as well! Its been 4 years since our last snow day, so it was quite fun pretending to be a northerner for a couple of days! (:

    Love your blog!


  2. Ha I love the picture of your little brother, it almost looks like he did a cute little face plant :) I have always wanted to get a tattoo but every time I finally get up the ambition to get one my fear of needles take over and I back out like a coward. If I did ever get the guts to get one I would get a small F-22 silhouette (the plane my husband flies) behind my ear. I love the behind the ear tattoos, plus they are easy to hide!

  3. I want a tattoo too I know what I want too but idk where not quite.


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