Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What did you say to me?!?!?!

This is a post I had saved in my drafts and after a pretty cringe-worthy first day back to school I needed to get things off my chest and add to this post.
Alright. So I need to vent at the moment. My venting post are going to just be for my benefit to get things off my chest. And if you don't want to listen to my feelings I would say it would be smart to just click the back button at the top left corner and return to where you came from before. 

*This is the pre-written and what I wasn't sure I was going to post part. So today our venting post is about unnecessary comments. Lets start with the whole reason behind this post. Tonight I was in Walmart and somehow while I was checking out, the subject of my age came up. The cashier asked how old I was and I said 18. She said "Wow! Seriously? I would have thought you were much younger!" Okay well this was a normal enough statement that wasn't meant with malicious intent. But this just happened to be the straw that broke the camel's back. People tell me ALLLLL the time that I "look so young!" "You re 18?!?! I thought you were 13 at most!" "Your sister is three years younger than you?!? I thought she was your older sister by more than 4 years!!!" Seriously I could go on all day with things people have said to me about how "young" I look. 

Well here is the deal. Just because this comment was made without an intent to hurt me, doesn't mean that it didn't. Even though this was a very minor statement made to me, it made me so mad. I just laughed at the cashier. But inside I was boiling. 

*This is the part that happened today that I needed to get off my chest that happened today. So I am taking an Educational Psychology class this semester. I have been so excited for this because, as you know already (probably) I am looking into being a teacher. I think a K-5 teacher but I know for sure somewhere in the early childhood Ed. field. ANYWAYS, I walked in my class so jacked! I mean this class is going to better me as a teacher. So I sit down. This girl sits down right beside me. So I try to make friendly conversation. I say something about how I thought Psychology my last semester was hard. (I got a 98 in the class...) and she looks at me and says "Wow you must really have really been stupid then!" Okay so I brushed that off. And since today was just "Syllabus day" it only lasted about 20 minutes. So the next twenty minutes whenever she has the chance she insults me in some way or another. She even said something about how my hair looked "bad". I mean seriously? Did she wake up this morning looking to ruin someones day? Well unlucky for her she won't be ruining my day. But I just know this is going to be a long semester if this continues. 

So I got to thinking. People should really watch what they say. Someone saying that I look "so young" is like me saying to a very obese person "you look so fat today!" or to a person who might be struggling with anorexia or who just has a very skinny body type, "You look so unhealthy and skinny today". To a person who is taller than me- "Wow! Were your parents freakishly tall? Because you for sure took after them!"  Do you see how that isn't right? There are things people are insecure about, and although my age may not be one of them, I can identify with people who get offend by someone who said something without thinking.

But then there is the thing that happened today. Like I just don't understand people? Why would you want to sit there and insult someone you don't knows hair? I never did a thing to you.

 Granted I don't think people should watch everything they say because they are worried they will offend someone. I do think people should just not be so mean. And I guess this is what my post is about. The world has turned into a mean place. One of my biggest things when experiencing the "real world" is that I am nice to people so I expect people to be nice to me. Which as you know, is 50% of the time not the case. 

People just think without talking now a days. So for me, the next time you're talking to someone, think before you speak.

Love Always,

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