Tuesday, February 11, 2014

DIY: Fix your shattered eyeshadow!

So when I was down at my friends house last weekend, we had her small counter to set all three of our makeup on (we all really love makeup...so we have a good bit...) I brought both my Naked palettes with me. Well while I was putting my makeup away before we left...My Naked 2 palette crashed to the floor...and it was open...About 5 of my shadows popped out but I was lucky enough that only one of them shattered...Unluckily it was my favorite shadow in the palette. Blackout. I used it for eyeliner. And a crease color...and just everything :( I seriously almost cried... But then I remembered that my mom once told me that with a little bit of faith, trust and pixie dust I could fix a shattered shadow product...

All you need is:
Alcohol in a spray bottle, some sort of tissue or toilet paper, and something that is in the shape of the product you are repairing. (If it is a circle shadow you can use a quarter!!!), and something to crush the eyeshadow (I used the end of my eyeshadow brush!)

The Steps:
1.) Have a shattered eyeshadow. (This is Blackout from my Naked Palette from Urban Decay!) Crush up the larger pieces of the eyeshadow into the smallest you can get them.
2.) Then Spray your product with regular rubbing alcohol. (I am not sure where the picture went for this?!) You want the eyeshadow to be SATURATED in the alcohol.
3.) Next, Wrap the tissue around the shape that fits your product (I obviously used a mini floss container! And PLEASE excuse my chipped nail polish!!!)
4.) You push the tissue covered object onto the crushed/soaked powder as hard as you can. For about 30-45 seconds. 
5.) Slowly, and gently lift up off the eyeshadow. Leave overnight to dry. 

Your eyeshadow or powder product should be back to normal! Good as new!! As I said before, you should be able to do this with about any powder product. If you try this please let me know!!! Sometimes I have done this to a shadow twice before I put it back in the palette. Just to be sure its fine! Hope I could help you fix your favorite makeup that you might had seen its last day!

Love Always,


  1. Thanks so much for this post, Elizabeth! That is such a great solution. I can't believe your poor Naked 2 fell to the ground, but it seems like you were able to fix it in no time :)


  2. This will definitely come in handy! Thanks for doing a post on how to fix shattered eyeshadow!



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