Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My Spring Must-Haves!

I have had a set on Polyvore saved in my drafts for forever waiting for spring to come so I could post it! :) When I saw that my friend Melissa had posted hers, I decided IT WAS TIME! (Check out her blog post here: CLICK HERE!) I am excited about Spring (kinda...I have super bad allergies and it kinda ruins the "beauty" of Spring for me.) But none the less, I love the spring fashion. I live in SC, so it is kinda a toss up each year what the weather will be. Some years we have awesome mild Springs, other years, by March the heat is more like summer. I don't really live through the fashion magazines, I am more like the type of the person who dresses how I want. So you may not agree with what I have chosen, and I may not be right on the "trends" for this year. Sorry I'm not sorry! So I threw together everything that could get you through a Southern Spring! (minus the tissue and Claritin if you are like me!)

Number 1- I am in love with this top in particular. But the main reason I chose it is because it represents two of my favorite Spring trends- Peplum and lace! I love peplum tops, They are really flattering! And lace just adds a special something that makes things more springy and girly.

Number 2- Scarves- Now not the heavy Winter scarves. You can put those up till next year. I am talking about your light, airy ones! Especially the pastel colors! I have found some of my favorite thin scarves from Walmart! So check them out if you are looking for some! 

Number 3- Ballet Flats. I Love my ballet flats. I wear them all year long. But Spring is the PERFECT time to wear them! Your feet wont get too hot, or too cold! I have many colors and styles, but the more simple, the better! I am seriously thinking of investing in some Tory Burch Reva ones since my flats are such a staple.

Number 4- A rain jacket. Since I said I am doing this to get you through a SOUTHERN Spring, what kind of southern girl would I be if it wasn't monogrammed? Spring is SO unpredictable. One second it's sunny, the next you re in the middle of a thunderstorm! So having a rain jacket on hand is realllllllly nice. I keep one in my house and one in my car-just in case! 

Number 5- Skater Skirts- I don't really like the name of these but whatever. I just love how free you feel in one! HAHAHAH! But in all seriousness the one I have chosen here is flowery and very pretty. I love bringing back my skirts slowly in the Spring! 

Number 6- Last but not least, is my colored pants/ capri's. I am a jeans all the time kinda girl. So I love adding a little color into my jeans. These pastel/ brighter color are perfect. (I just ordered some Hunter Green pants and I am so excited to style them!!!!) 

So I hope you enjoyed my take on Spring 2014. I think that if ou have just about everything on this list you are set for a Southern Spring! Comment down below and tell me your favorite things to break back out in the Spring time! Have a great day!!!

Love Always,

P.S. Did you notice that I now have links to Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr on the side of my blog? Well I do! I would love to see you other places than here! :) xoxo



  1. Ballet flats are literally my favorite thing in the world (they go with everything). I like to wear them year round too - though its been REALLY cold this winter lol
    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  2. Cute rain gear is such a necessity! I have 2 pairs of rain boots, but I definitely need a cute rain coat!

  3. Love your choices! Can't wait for warmer weather :)

  4. love the peplum top and flare skirt! stunning picks dear <3

    Letters To Juliet

  5. You never know what kind of weather you're going to have in SC! It's so crazy! I love my ballet flats, though!!


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