Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Snow my gosh! Snow day 2014! (PICTURE HEAVY!!!)

So if you haven't heard, the south east (Georgia, and the Carolinas) are in the biggest winter storm we have had since 2005. I don't remember it EVER snowing this much. But now it has started to ice freezing rain. The power is expected to go out later which is scary for us. I have some pictures to share with you guys of my grandfather and I's experience. And I also have a recipe for snow cream (DELICIOUS!), my must haves for a snow day, and what to do in case it ices so much your power goes out!!!! So expect this to be a long post! :)

We ended up getting 4 inches BEFORE the ice hit!
My grandfather and I. He is seriously mt best friend. Aong with Aaron and my grandmother!
Hot chocolate AFTER my snow experience! 
Now for the recipe for snow cream! If you haven't experienced snow cream before I sincerely hope you can soon!!! Here is how my family makes it!
-A bowl full of snow (obviously...)
-A can of condensed milk 
-5 tablespoons of vanilla flavoring
-1/2 cup sugar

Then you're ready to go!!! We haven't made ours yet. We are waiting till after our lunch of Vegetable soup!!! :)

What are my snow essentials???
1.) Obviously my laptop! I can do so much on here! I love reading blogs, and pinteresting!!! 
2.) Board games/card games. In my family we love to play cards (innocent games like Go Fish are our favorites!) Then Bananagrams is a favorite for me. If you have never played it, you're missing out! Its kinda like scrabble BUT BETTER! You HAVE to play it!!!
3.) A good book. I am actually reading True Believer by Nicholas Sparks right now. But The Choice is great book too!!! :)
4.) A bubble bath. I enjoyed taking a bubble bath so much after coming back in after our snow adventure!!!
5.) COMFY pjs and slippers. (Preferably Disney ones! My Minnie Mouse footie pjs! :) ) 
6.) An AWESOME blanket! I have a couple that are furry so I am going to cuddle up under one! 
7.) Netflix. While the power is still on I am loving Netflix! "How I Met Your Mother" is my favorite show like ever It is HILARIOUS! 
8.) Hot Chocolate is my favorite cold weather drink! YUMMY!!! :) 

Tips if your power goes out! 
Before the power goes out
-Make sure your phone is charged. Or ever keep it on the charger.
-Make sure you have batteries for your flashlights.
-If you are burning candles (which isn't always a smart idea considering it could start a fire. So make sure to be near them if you are burning them!)
-Freeze an empty gallon of milk. When the power goes out put it in the fridge. It will help your food stay cold!
-Turn your heat up till the power goes out. That way your house is warmer for a little longer before the power goes out.
-Same with the fridge but turn the temp down. It will make it a little colder that way your food will be better for longer!
-Leave your water faucets dripping

Alright guys stay warm please!!! But enjoy the snow!!!

Love Always,


  1. I've never heard that you are supposed to leave your water faucets dripping before! Good tip! I have been obsessed with my faux fur blanket all winter... so cozy!!

  2. That is a lot of snow! Hope you are staying warm and enjoying all that snow!


  3. I've been staying in my bed with Netflix for the past two days! I'm getting a little stir crazy, though!


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