Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentines and Earthquakes!

Hi guys! I hope you are doing well! Time for another Journey post!! :)

So last weekend was Valentines day! Yay! I hadn't been to work all week because of the snow. (If you didn't hear about the snow storm SC got last week, check out this post of mine!) So Friday was the only day I actually even got to go to work! I only had four little angels present that day. So I the finishing touches the Valentines day books we made for their parents. They loved them! I was so excited! Later that night Aaron came over to my house and we cuddled and talked and I gave him the ABC'S of you and me book and some chocolate. HE LOVED THE BOOK!!! YAYYYY!!! (If you are clueless to what I am referring to check out this blog post to be clued in!) We ate some fine cuisine of Burger King and it was DELICIOUS. But late that night this weird thing also happened, WE HAD AN EARTHQUAKE! Now some people are used to these. But I have never experienced one living where I do in SC. Come to find out, the town I live in is actually above a huge fault line! It just isn't active! I was so scared and so glad Aaron was there!

Saturday night we went on a date to Red Lobster! It was great!!!! I could eat my weight times three in biscuits...I had a pound of Snow Crab Legs (No shame in getting my hands dirty. They were yummy!) and virgin Pina Colada. Aaron got a steak, some asparagus, and fries! We were going to go see "That Awkward Moment" but we ended up just being too tired to go see a movie. (We are old at heart!) But here is a picture before our date! 
Sunday was my favorite day this past weekend. Aaron didn't have to work so we got to hang out! I was at my house for a couple of hours studying. We had another earthquake! I was terrified because I was home alone! So I called Aaron just to make sure he was okay! :) Then I went over to his house!!! He was playing Dark Souls (If you have a man, what is his favorite video game? This is HANDS DOWN Aaron's favorite. He has Pre-ordered Dark Souls 2. He told me when it comes out I wont see him for about two weeks...Which I believe...ANYWAYS). So then since the weather was SO nice (how ironic we had sixty degree weather. This past week we have had snow, an earthquake, and t shirt weather! The weather is CRAZY here in SC!) we took a walk around town since Aaron lives in town! Then we came back to his house and he helped me study for a history test I had on Monday!

So today is Monday! It was weird getting back into the swing of school since we have been out for over a week now! But I had my history test this morning at ten and I think I did great! We will see! Now I am in the library procrastinating my work. But I seriously have a lot of work to do! I know work is going to be great today just because my kids are great on Mondays! :) I am headed to the Spinx to get a salad and some fruit because I didn't bring lunch today!

Hope you guys have a great Monday!!!

Love Always,


  1. I know I heard that is crazy! We had one here last summer which is crazy too.I experienced a number of them when I lived in Seattle but never thought there would be one in NY.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  2. An earthquake!? That is so terrifying. I hate the way the weather is sometimes!

  3. That is crazy there was an earthquake in South Carolina, I would have been terrified! It sounds like you had a great weekend! Hope you did well on your history test!


  4. So crazy that ya'll had an eatherquake, even crazier it wasn't in the news lol. Glad you had a good vaentines day. Great picture of the two of you.

    xo Franchesca| City Mermaid


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