Sunday, March 2, 2014

February 2014 Favorites!

Most months I can say "This month flew by!" or "Where did this month go?!" But honestly, this month lasted FOREVER. Maybe its because we had so many types of weather this month...It has snowed and even pretended to be the start of Spring a couple of times. So I am actually kinda glad this "short" month is over. In March, Aaron and I are going to visit his parents so I am so excited. I have midterms this month...(My college isn't doing Spring Break till two weeks before we get out for summer. Because that's logical right?) So I am really looking forward to this month! :) But with out further adue, lets get to my favorites! 
1.) Covergirl Clump Crusher by lashblast mascara :: I received this mascara from the Seventeen Social Club that I am a part of. I will be doing a review on it VERY soon! So keep your eyes open for that!!! 
2.) Corney Valentines :: Since this month was Valentines, these Corney cards that put puns on pop culture were SO funny. I probably spent hours total looking at them. haha 
3.) How I Met Your Mother :: This will be a favorite every month till I finish the series... Seriously...I am on the very end of the 7 season and I am so sad it will be over soon! If you need something to watch and want to laugh, WATCH THIS! 
4.) Lemon Oreos :: These are so delicious. OH MY GOSH. Aaron and I almost ate a whole pack in a night, No SHAME! 
5.) My Sperry's :: As I said before, the weather has teased us this month (more than once) by pretending to be Spring for a couple days. So I have dusted off my Sperry's and I determined to NOT put them back up til next Winter. I seriously have had mine for four or five years and they are just getting better with age. (I could use some new ones...
6.) Chocolate Covered Strawberry Frappe from McDonalds :: So usually I'm not a McDonalds kinda girl. (Have you seen the reports on whats in the burgers and nuggets? EW...[I still eat them occasionally...]) But I saw that they were making this and I had to try it. I seriously fell in LOVE. It is limited edition though so I will be VERY sad when its gone. (I think I might be able to get Starbucks to make something similar!)
This is what one looked like! Isn't it GORGEOUS? 
7.) Nicholas Sparks :: I seriously have read two books this month. Both have been by him. I am convinced he is a genius and cant write anything bad. (Read my review on the book HERE!)
8.) Essie All In One Base :: This month I have been so bad about not having time to paint my nails. So I have been trying to keep a clear coat on this one. I am convinced that this has made my nails stronger! 
9.) THE 2014 WINTER OLYMPIC GAMES :: I love the Winter Olympics so much. I seriously love almost every event. I mean curling got more awesome this year because of people's choice of attire. So I literally was in front of my TV for almost 2 weeks! 
10.) Let It Go the Africanized Tribal  version  :: I think I have listened to this a million and four times. Its so awesome! Lexie Walker is like 11 and has the voice of a million angels...actually there might be a choir of a million angels in this song. You just have to hear it. Its AMAZING.  

So this was my February Favorites. As I said before, BRING ON MARCH! I am ready for you!!! 

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  1. I agree- Nicholas Sparks has some amazing books! The Last Song is my favorite, talk about waterworks! Adorable blog girl!

    Xo, Amanda

  2. I always think these last two months of winter drag on... so ready to fast forward till the end of March so I too can wear my Sperrys. Side note: my mouth is watering from the McDonalds Frappe, YUM!

  3. Oh man I am addicted to all things lemony right now (Girl Scout's Savannah Smiles anyone?) and those lemon Oreo's look amazing right about now

  4. Lemon oreos!? Those sound dangerous. I eat a Luna Bar every day for a snack and my favorite one is the lemon zest. Those sound right up my alley!!

  5. I couldn't agree more about this past month lasting forever! Glad Texas isn't the only one getting all 4 seasons in one month!
    Lemon oreos sound totally delicious, and I am definitely going to have to try out that Chocolate Covered Strawberry Frappe!

  6. I totally agree this month was so slow for me! And thanks so much you always write the loveliest comments on my blog :) It means so much! Great favorites, I love those oreos!


  7. I completely agree, the shortest month of the year just dragged!
    I love the essie all in one base, I have yet to find another base that works for me like it does.

    xo Franchesca |City Mermaid

  8. I love favorites lists!! I am with you with the HIMYM:)


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