Monday, March 31, 2014

March 2014 Favorites!

Wow! Is March really over? I THOUGHT IT WOULD NEVER END. These past two months of my life have been more stressful than I know how to deal with. I am just glad that it is over and a new one is starting soon. HERE'S TO APRIL! 

1.) Dark Chocolate Covered Pomegranate Seeds :: I actually don't get mine from Trader Joes (which I think that's where the ones in the picture are from...) I get mine from the local grocery store. The kind I like are from the brand Brookside. (Want to see what I look like or purchase me online? CLICK HERE!!!)
2.) The Selection by Kiera Cass :: I have a review coming up soon on this book so keep your eye peeled open for that! 

3.) :: I have found a LOVE for this website. I am making playlists and listening to full albums and I am obsessed. I am loving it especially because I can listen to the "Beautiful Soul" album by Jesse Mcartney as many times as I want and no one judges me...(Listen to the ole hottie himself with me by clicking here!)

4.) My Diamond Studs :: Since last summer I have been in LOVE  with stud earrings. I still think it might be a phase, but who knows? But Lately, all I want to wear is my diamond studs. They look good with literally everything! 

5.) Leggings :: This one can almost explain it self. I have been so lazy and whatnot I didn't want to get out of bed. Much less put pants on. So these helped me to go in public and wear pants (But feel like I was still on my bed in my undies!) 

6.) Pop Eyeshadow Trio in Naturally Bare :: I couldn't find an actual picture of this trio but I got it in my December Ipsy bag! I love using the first two colors! I have used the first color almost every day all month! Here is a swatch of the trio. This is not my picture because I didn't take one. *Bad Blogger!*

7.) Thirty-One Lunch bag :: I am super busy. I got to school from 8-1 everyday and then work from 1-6. So when do I have time to eat? Good question. I had just hoped class would get out early everyday so I could go get something to eat. Well when it didn't I would go ALLL day without eating. Because that's healthy. Then I discovered a little thing called a lunch box. I can take food to work? WHAT?!?! I know. It sounds so simple... And I cant believe I fidnt think of it before. But now I can eat in the day and not worry about pigging out for dinner! 

8.) Bedrest pillow :: I swear to you, that this is one of the best purchases I have ever made. It is so big and comfy and I just cant get enough. I love to cuddle with it. It even has a name...Jodie. (Mine is regular zebra print because it was on sale...) 

9.) My ole Flip phone :: I don't if you knew this about me, but I still have a flip phone. I seriously dint even want a phone till my man candy got into the service. I just loved the idea of being able to go anywhere but no one could track me because...LACK OF COMMUNICATION! It was amazing. But when I broke down to get a phone I did the flip phone route. It has been a blast flip phone. I have thrown you and you don't break. But tomorrow (hopefully) everything will work out and I will upgrade. Its been real and way fun my dear flip phone. 

10.) NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Cottage Cheese :: This is a JUMBO eyeliner/eye shadow base. This color is a very white and has sparkeleys. I put it on the inner corner of my eye to brighten it up and its a DREAM. It illuminates my whole face!! 

What Were your favorites this month? 
What are you most excited for for April?

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  1. I keep seeing Brookside items and I really want to try them! They look delicious. The bed rest pillow is adorable (I would definitely be getting zebra print too). Looks like I need to head to the store now...haha!

    Just A Girl

    1. You have to try them! And I ordered my pillow off Amazon! :)

      Love Always,

  2. I seriously cant believe tomorrow is April 1st (feels like someone is playing an early april fools joke on me), now I just need the weather to finally stay warm! Chocolate covered seeds sounds delish, I love all your picks!

    1. I know right! I hated March but it went by so fast!

  3. I can't wait to read your review of 'The Selection'! I've had it on my reading list for a while now, but I haven't got around to reading it yet.


    1. Sneak Peek: I LOVED IT! GO READ IT NOW!

  4. I haven't tried the dark chocolate pomegranate seeds yet but everyone says they are amazing! I must try them soon!!

  5. I have a trio of POP beauty eyeshadows, that I LOVE<3

  6. Love your March picks!


  7. I love the NYX jumbo eye pencils!!! I really like the one, called "milk", too! :)


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