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Movie Review: Divergent! (Possible Spoliers!)

So I did a book review a while back on the Divergent Trilogy. (Click here to read my review of the books!) And the MOVIE IS FINALLY OUT! So I went and saw it with one of my friends who also has read the books. (And surprise I saw two of my friends from high school there and they sat with us too!) I was decked out in y Dauntless black. I had on a black tank, black jeans, my leather jacket, and my black ridding boots. I am not gonna lie, I felt pretty bad ass...(To anyone who was in the theater with me: I am sorry for my actions and talking during the movie...) 
As I told you guys in my review, I LOVED these books. And Divergent was my favorite out of the three in the trilogy. So maybe I just had really high expectations for this movie. And let me say, if you haven't read the books, THIS MOVIE IS GONNA BE GREAT for you! You have to go see it if you haven't read the books! But if you have, please expect some disappointing moments. Now I understand that this movie was already about 2 and a half hours long... But they seriously left so much out and changed so much. Granted, it wasn't "Percy Jackson" bad. I seriously think they could have split Divergent into 2 movies and it would have been better. Keep reading if you have read the books and I will explain. 
Enjoy some of my favorite movie stills. 

What not to look for because it wasn't there in this movie:
-One: The character's were NEVER elaborated on. Seriously. For example; Uriah was a main character in this book and continues to be till the very end. HIS NAME ISN'T SAID ONCE IN THE FILM. They don't elaborate the relationship between Christina and Will, in fact; they make it so you don't see how important Will was to Tris. They also don't develop how important Al was to her... 
-Two: Well this kinda goes along with the underdeveloped characters but whatever. So if you read the book you should remember how much of a BITCH Peter is... (Read: When he stabs Edward in the eye with a fork.) Well when I first read that part, I realized just how evil Peter was. That DIDN'T EVEN HAPPEN IN THE MOVIE. Edward wasn't even a in depth character. 
-Three: The violence as VERY downplayed. Like I expected it to so much more gory and violent. Tris was supposed to get beat to a PULP several times in training and in the movie they just barely roughed her up.

POSITIVES OF THIS MOVIE! (The things they did right!) :
  -One: The casting. Shailene Woodley was perfect for the role of Tris. And her crying scenes? Holy crap. Right in the feels.
 Please do not get me started on Theo James and his level of...perfect.
This had to be one of my, hands down, FAVORITE parts of the movie. *Swoon* Oh and when he was shirtless... *Double Swoon*
-Two: The Soundtrack. Holy poop. There was multiple Ellie Goulding songs and I loved that because I am a HUGE fan of hers! (I have a link in the Extra part of this post where you can buy the Soundtrack!) 
-Three: The Ziplining Scene. That had so much emotion in it for me. It made me think of the last part of Allegiant. I seriously cried so hard. It was done very nice and at the right time in the movie. (I was reading things about the movie and found out Veronica Roth is actually in that scene! How cool!)

So overall I have to give this movie two different ratings. The first rating is if I hadn't read the books. TEN! But my ratings from reading the books and then seeing the movie is about a 7. I still really liked the movie...just not as much as I expected to. But overall I still say go see the movie NO MATTER WHAT! :) But I am excited to see there is a new director for Insurgent! :) 

**If you haven't seen the trailer yet, Click here to watch it!
**CLICK HERE to find out what faction you are in! 
**Click HERE to buy the AWESOME Divergent movie soundtrack!

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  1. I skipped over this post because I have not read the book yet! I'm still on the waiting list at the library... so anxious for it to be available for me!!

    1. Darcy I am begging you, go see the movie before you read the book. Thats pretty much all I said in this review! haha Then you can come BACK and read my book review! :)

  2. Okay so I skipped this post too because I just picked up the book yesterday at Target for $7. But judging by your comment to Darcy maybe I should see the movie first and then read the book?

    1. Yes! Go see the movie and then read the book! If the book will clear up things the movie leaves out! :)


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