Monday, March 24, 2014

My Weekend!

So I dont have very much to post about this weekend but hey, I feel like you guys are my friends that I can tell even the smallest things to...So yeah. 

Friday: I had to take the day off work because...I GOT THE FLU VIRUS. Which means that its just like the flu but they cant treat it. So yippe I get to get over it by myself. I took the day off work I couldnt get my little angels sick. I started feeling better that night and decided since I could use my movie ticket I had bought ahead of time to go see Divergent. (CLICK HERE TO READ MY REVIEW OF THE MOVIE!) My movie time was at 10:00 and I went with m friend Casey. Two of my friends from high school also showed up, so that was really nice. 
Saturday: Early Saturday morning, Aaron's grandmother passed away. My grandmother and I used all of Saturday to make Aaron's family a meal. Because thats what you do when someone passes away. You put good southern cooking in their bellies! So my man candy's parents came into town late that night, so we went over to his sisters. Well on the way to his sister's house (About an hour away) Aaron's car started smoking and such. So Aaron currently cant win. We had a great time despite the circumstance. I love Aaron's family as I would love my own. 
Sunday: I spent the night with my grandparents that night and woke up at their house. I got a shower and got ready and took Aaron to work. When he got off we went to meet his family at Cracker Barrel before the headed out for Alabama again. We came home and I dropped Aaron off at his house and came home to work on some homework! 

Events that I want to tell you guys about but that dont exactly correlate with the weekend:
-I just want to show you guys this adorable picture of my little brother. 

-I also have to post another picture. 
What does that mean exactly? Well....This means I will be playing Charlotte in Charlotte's Web in  a theater near my town! I GOT THE ROLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

That is all! And I hope you have a great week!!! 

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  1. I hope you are feeling better and congrats on the role!! SO exciting!!

  2. I always love going to visit my grandma and catching up at her house, it's such a warm and inviting place.


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