Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring Wishlist!

I have been DYING for Spring to come! I am tired of being cold! I love everything about Spring (except for the allergies. ACHOOO!) So I made a wish list of the things I would love to have! (Fashion and Beauty items!) and I hope you enjoy them! (I also have a Spring Must-Haves post, CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT!)
Fashion ::

-The Janice Shift Dress by Lilly Pulitzer in the Resort Lioness Patch Resort :: I love Lilly and this dress just screams Spring to me. 
Buy me HERE for $188!!! 

-Tory Burch Reva Flat :: I am super obsessed with flats. I think they are gorgeous. And the fact that Tory Burch makes these makes me want them even more. I just honestly want a plain black pair. I just want some at this point! 
Buy me HERE for $225!
-Shop Hope's Metallic Wonderland shorts :: These shorts aren't listed on Hope's site anymore but I really hope they re-list them! As soon as they do, They will be mine! 
These aren't the site anymore, but if they go back on the site, I will list it here!! :) 
-BaubleBar's Pearl Cluster Necklace :: I am still not very sure what or how I would style this necklace but I love admiring it from afar! :) But it is for sure on my Wish list! 
Buy me HERE for $46! 

-Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C bag :: I think that these are so pretty. I love these bags. I usually go for big bags but these are sooooo pretty! I love them in every color! 
Buy me HERE for $195! 
-Classic Hunter rain boots :: Its so bad that I don't have these already. But seriously, I love the classic black ones. It rains so much here in SC during Spring that if you don't have a pa ir or two of rain boots, you're in trouble! 
Buy me HERE for $140!

-Owen Skirt by Kate Spade :: I love this print by Kate Spade so much. I love Lemons (seriously! They are hands down one of my favorite fruits! Is that weird?) So when I saw this print form Kate Spade I was instantly in love. 
Buy me HERE for $348! 

Makeup ::

-Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Ethereal Light :: I think that this gorgeous. I seriously love every color they offer! I chose this one because I think it would look best on my pale skin!! 
Buy me HERE for $45.00!
-The Lorac Pro Palette :: I love this palette so much. I want it more than I have wanted any palette before! The top row is matte colors and the bottom row is shimmer colors! 
Buy me HERE for $42!
-Tarte Amazonian Clay blush in Dollface :: I have loved this blush for years. I seriously think that it is the perfect pink blush! I don't know what I haven't bought it yet...
Buy me HERE for $26!
-Mint Julips Lip Scrub from Lush :: I don't have Lush anywhere close to where I live. even an hour away we still don't have one. So I really have thought about getting this lip scrub! Out of everything on this list, this is the most probable thing I will get by the end of the season! 
Buy me HERE for $9.95! 

That is all for my Sprung wish list but I hope you enjoyed it! Hopefully all these things are already on your wish list and I didn't help fuel your shopping addiction! Hope you guys have a great Spring! 
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  1. I am loving that Lilly dress and that Kate Spade skirt, the lemon print is so cute!


    1. I know! I am dying for something with the Lemons on it!

  2. Ooh I havent seen that Baublebar necklace before, so pretty. Plus it would go with so many different outfits!

  3. love your wishlist! I have a couple of your things on your wishlist (at least fashion wise) and here are my tips.. Wait for the friends and family sales at places to order them!! ShopBop, Bloomingdales,the Tory Burch website.. they all do friends and family sales where you can take 25% off your order. All of the designer stuff I have, I wait to purchase until one of those come around. If something is like $200 then 25% off really helps! Also, I purchased my Hunters off of Zappos for less than $100. It varies what colors they have on sale, but just an idea :). hope this helps you some!

    1. I didnt even think about that! And I am going to Zappos right now! :) And this did help some! Thanks Darcy!

  4. That mint scrub definitely caught my eye, it looks refreshing!

    Just A Girl

  5. I absolutely love this wishlist, I love hunters you won't regret if you get them! I hope you have a great weekend.


  6. Love me some Kate Spade! I love the 75% surprise sales! it's the only way I can afford it :)

    1. I am gonna have to sign up for emails so I will know when they go on sale!

  7. Love the Rebecca Minkoff bag, it looks perfect for the spring! I too have been eyeing the Hourglass ambient light powders. I love my Lorac palette and tarte blushes they are amazing!! I can't recommend theme enough.

    xo Franchesca | City Mermaid

    1. I might die if I dont get the Lorac palete soon!

  8. I know right! And I am so in love with it!

  9. Loving your selections! That Tarte blush is one of my favorites, too!


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