Saturday, April 12, 2014

3 Years together.

**First off, this week has been so busy for me! Please forgive me for my lack of posts! I will be back next week with awesome content! PROMISE!**
Aaron and I have been together three years today. WOOWWWW. I cant believe I have been with Aaron for three years. He doesn't read my blog so please prepare for the mush fest about to happen. 
Aaron and I "met" my sophomore year of high school. We were in a food and nutrition class together. At the time, we were both in other relationships. So we became BEST friends instead. He was the one I wanted to talk to about my problems and eventually after both of our relationships failed, Aaron made a move, and here we are today. Time has flown by so fast !

 Please enjoy these pictures were we are so young we are the fetus versions of ourselves. (We obviously didn't go to prom together that year since we didn't match...And the other picture is one of us on our first "date".)

We dated through the summer and through the year that Aaron was a senior in high school and I was a junior.
I had heart surgery that year and he was with me through it all. We also had the following summer together.
 The next fall, instead of going to college, Aaron went to basic training. I spent my senior year "alone" since after basic he went straight to advanced training. He's been home since last June (When I graduated high school...). He is National Guard doing ROTC at college for right now. 
Our anniversary is April 12! (Today) We did the Color Run today to celebrate. (I will be posting pictures soon!!!) Aaron is my rock. Ears for me to talk to, a shoulder for me to cry on. The best advice giver I know. My personal trainer. An awesome support system. My personal comedian. God has blessed me with someone so beyond perfect for me. Thanks to Aaron for putting up with my attitude and crazzzzyyyy self sometimes. I know that it cant be easy. You make me the best Elizabeth that I can be and I love you for that. 

Happy Three Years my love! Here's to three more! :) 


  1. Happy Anniversary! The Color Run always sounds like so much fun, can't wait to see pictures! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. Happy Anniversary, you two look so cute together!

  3. Happy Anniversary and I hope y'all have many many more.


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