Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April Ipsy Bag!

***First off I am not being paid to make this review! I am not affiliated with Ipsy at all and am doing these monthly reviews simply because I want to share this awesome service***
If you don't know what Ipsy is let me tell you in my own words... Ipsy is a fantastical, magical, monthly subscription service. You get a makeup bag and samples or full size products in the bag that will make a makeup look. You take a test when you register that tells the company what kind of stuff you would like to receive. I mean if you are a nude lipstick person you wouldn't want to get red lipstick every month right? And if you are a smokey eye every day kinda girl, you don't want neutral eye shadows. They also use brand name products in these bags such as Benefit, Buxom, Sexy Hair, Urban Decay and many more! (and some not name brands. The whole idea is to try new products/brands!) So you are probably thinking "Well Elizabeth, you must be spending a fortune on these a month! You re crazy!" Well let me enlighten you...I AM NOT CRAZY.I only pay $10 a month for these awesome bags! I think Ipsy might be the crazy one for offering such an awesome service for such a bargain.
This month's bag was by far the best bag I have ever received and I don't know if any bag will ever be able to top this...The title of this month's bag was "Beauty Rocks"! And this bag ROCKED!!!!!

The Bag itself was bigger than any other bag I have gotten so far. It smelled kinda funny but not as bad as some of the other bags I have received! 
This is the Medium Shadow brush from Coastal Scents. It seems like an awesome brush! Buy it here for only $2.49! I didnt realize these were so cheap!!! :) 
This is the Urban Decay 24/7 Velvet eyeliner in Black Velvet. I lvoe the 24/7 line so I am sure I will love this! Buy the full size here for $20!
This is an eyeshadow from Elizabeth Mott and it is from the Pop goes the eyehadow line. I recieved the color champagne which is my favorite and most used color for everyday wear! This might have been full size...I am not sure! Buy it here for $12.99! 
This is a sample of Dr. Brant Skincare's microdermabrasion face mask.  Buy the full size here for $78.00! I honestly hope I dont really love this...I know I couldnt justify buying the full size! 
This is Luscious Longwear lip Pencil by Starlooks in the shade natural. I love the color of this and cant wait to see what it looks like on! Buy me here for $14!
I am so excited for this months bag! It was amazing and I think I will love everything in it! If you want a more detailed review of anything, let me know! 
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  1. I got almost the exact same bag, minus the brush!! I loved this months bag.

  2. I've been thinking about joining Ipsy for a while! This looks like a great bag :) I especially love that champagne eye shadow

  3. Ah! I'm so jealous you got the brush! That was the one other thing I would have loved instead of false lashes. Good review!!



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