Saturday, April 19, 2014

Elizabeth Reads: The Here and Now by Ann Bradshares

Okay. Lets be honest, everyone has always thought about how cool it would be to time travel. Then you go further into the thoughts and think if you would go into the past or the future. Then you might think "If I went into the past would I do anything different? And if I did one thing different would it change the course of my entire future?" 
Well the book The Here and Now by Ann Bradshares (She is the lady who wrote The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants series! It was for sure a FAVORITE when I was in middle school.) I really like the cover too. I think its really future-istic looking. 
So the book is about a girl named Prenna who comes from the year 2090 to the present. And in her world there was a blood plague spreading through the Earth...through mosquitoes. Half of the world has been whiped out by it. So Preena and another group of people (about 1000 people), who are thought to be immune to the plague, travel to 2010. (The thing about time travel is when someone from the future travels back in time, it will mess up the "time line." This causes MAJOR changes in the time in between now and the future and changes to the future they came from.) When she travels Preena is found by a boy fishing at a river in New York. The reader later finds out that this boy (Ethan) is the main boy character in the story. They all live together in this neighborhood trying to blend into society. There are many rules for them to follow "for their safety" but the most important one is to not fall in love with anyone in the present time "time natives." The whole story revolves around Preena's life when she finds out that Ethan has feelings for her and he knows more about her than she thinks. 
I loved how this book was portrayed. I really liked some of the inventions that Ann Bradshares predicted would be a part of our future. I was so pleasantly surprised at the amount of Sci-Fi actually included in the story. I got so involved in Ethan and Preena's relationship. The only thing I didn't like about it was the last about 5 pages. I WANT MORE! Maybe there will be a sequel? I just think the ending was abrupt and I am not exactly sure what happened with a certain part of the story! 
Overall, this book gets a 8.9 out of 10 on my review scale! 
*This book was released on April 8! So you can purchase it By clicking HERE! :)
*There is talk of a movie but there is not a trailer yet! This book JUST released so I have a feeling we will be waiting a good little while. 
*One of my favorite quotes is in this book! "Fortune Favors the bold." It just gives me chills! :)
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  1. This book sounds very interesting! It kind of reminds me of a TV show that comes on Syfy called Continuum.

  2. Sounds like a really great book! I always love reading books about time travel as I find them very entertaining! I would definitely love to give this book a try! :)


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