Thursday, April 3, 2014

Flip-Phone Be Gone and Rainstorms Galore.

Hello April! I welcome you with open arms! I have so much happening this month. And I am more excited than I can explain. Aaron's Birthday is the 8 of April! :) Our three year anniversary is the 12 of April! I run the Color Run on the 12 of April! Easter is the 20! My uncle is coming to town for a weekend! Finals are happening! And my freshman year of college will be ending when this month is over! I am sure there is more that I am not thinking of but That's all that I can think of at the moment!
So what have been up to lately? Not much! But I would like to share some stuff that's been up with me! 
I had a new angel start at the Preschool on Monday! She is a little girl, so I have four girls and two boys! So I am back up to 6 Angels! yayayyayayya! 
I GOT AN I PHONE!!!! I am finally off team flip phone! 
The weather has been fantastic (Yesterday it was 80 degrees and sunny!) and I want to be outside all the time. My angels and I are staying outside as LONG as possible this week! 
Yesterday I went to O'Charley's and I had no idea it was FREE PIE WEDNESDAY. I mean seriously? Why am I not at O'Charley's every single Wednesday? (For future reference :: Do NOT get the Cajun Chicken pasta without the Cajun spices. Its WAY too plain.) I ended up getting chicken strips and french fries and the ooey gooey caramel pie. (BTW How do YOU say caramel? I say cara-mel. not car-a-mel or cara-meel...Aaron and I had a very long discussion on how people say things...I accidentally deleted all my pictures of my pie though :(
I wanted to show y'all my window at work! The blacked out spots are where there pictures and names are! :) It says April Showers! It didn't turn out exactly how I had planned but I still like it! (See my March window HERE!)

Tonight I go to a concert that is a requirement for my music class and is a jazz ensemble. I am going with two friends so it wont be too bad! :) Right now I am waiting on my friends to get off work sitting in the McDonalds' parking lot. Hey, free WIFI! ;) 
But honestly not much has been going on with me! :( Literally I go to school and I go to work and I come home and do homework and sleep sometimes...)  So I will be back tomorrow with a post that has more meat and you guys will enjoy...I THINK! :) 
*VERY IMPORTANT!!!!**** I need some guest bloggers for the week of April 27- May 3!!! Would anyone be interested?!?!? Please email me or contact me on any of my social media!!!! 
How do you say Caramel??? 
What have you been up to lately? 
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  1. Oh I love months with a lot to look forward to! Also, I saw caramel the same way you do and I think we are correct ;)

    1. We are the right ones. I have decided!

  2. Oh man 80 degree weather sounds amazing, and I thought that I was lucky for our weather to hit 50 today! Congrats on the new iphone, have a great weekend!

  3. yay for taking advantage of free wifi! haha!

  4. Ugh I remember having to go to concerts for my music class. Some of them were good and some of them I couldn't wait for them to be over. I hope the Jazz was one of the good ones.

  5. Ahh I am so jealous you got an iphone I want one so badly! And I love that quote. Have a lovely weekend.


  6. Yay for iPhones and warm weather!!!

  7. Yay for team iPhone!! You're going to LOVE it! Emailing you back tonight about guest posting!


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