Monday, April 7, 2014

Sexual Candy Land and Bouncy houses.

Hey there all you lovely creatures! I hope you a had a good long weekend! I know I had a good weekend-just not a long one. I'd love tell you how it went so here we goes....

Thursday night :: I went to Jazz concert. Woah now. Lets not jump to conclusions that I am cool and go to little concerts all the time. It was mandatory for my music class this semester. I went with two friends from class and it was REALLY good to see them outside of school! We also ate at the restaurant "The Cookout". Its a "higher end" fast food restaurants. They have the BEST milkshakes in the whole wide world. I am convinced! So I got me a Chocolate milkshake!! 

Friday :: Friday was nothing special. I went to work. But instead of coming home like I normally do, I got to babysit! I got to babysit two of my favorite little girls! They are 3 and 5! We had such a good time. We sang "Let It Go" a million times and we ate and we played Candy Land! If you haven't heard (I hadn't until Friday night...) Candy Land is a changed game! Gone are the cards with predetermined moves on them, now there is a spinner! And the characters looks so grown up and on the verge of sexy (which makes me uncomfortable...). 
I was so in shock I forgot to take a picture! So this is not mine...

Saturday :: I went to Aaron's house for a while and hung out with him...while he enjoyed his video games...(I was actually on my laptop so don't look down upon him! ;)) 
I then went to a local theater and saw a play that was AMAZING. If you have never seen a live theater show, I urge you to do so! :)

Sunday :: I got to have a lazy morning which was great because I have found an app I cant stop playing. Have you played 2048 yet? If you don't have time to be addicted to an app I suggest you NOT play it. If you have a few days of your life to waste, DOWNLOAD IT! 

Then my family and I went to a birthday part of family friend's who was turning the big 3 years old! Her birthday party was at this really neat indoor playground kinda thing. But inside this big warehouse is all completely blow up bouncy houses and slides and bouncy equipment! I took my little brother with me in my car and we had the best time singing to the radio. (I was mostly doing the singing but whatever...) 

We had a blast! The cake was a Frozen themed cake so I was in HEAVEN. Later on I had play practice! It was the very first one we had so it was simple read through with some skeleton blocking (stage directions). Now I am here! And should be doing homework...But I am dreaming of playing 2048...I have a big week this week in my personal life but I also have a lot of post planned for this week! (Two of them are no fun for you guys they are gonna be all mushy to my man candy since he would never read it! hahah) 
Have a GREAT week! 

What is your highest score on 2048?
What is your guilty pleasure app? 

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  1. I'm going to have to check out 2048. Glad you had a good weekend.

  2. I've been trying to avoid 2048 because I hear it's like crack. Maybe I'll wait until next month when the school year is over :)

  3. I agree with you on Candy Land! I don't know why they feel the need to sexualize little kid games...

  4. That is not the Candy Land I am used to... crazy how they made the characters more grown up. Side note: you have me seriously craving a chocolate milkshake right now... thanks alot...

  5. This title definitely caught my eye... haha! I was so uninterested in that game when they changed it, I want the classic old one back! I've never heard of that app before, how interesting. I'm super addicted to Candy Crush and Farm Heroes right now haha.

    Just A Girl

  6. I'm totally agree that Candy Land is just weird. Why must they make young kinds toys sexy now.
    Glad you had a great weekend!

    xo Franchesca | City Mermaid


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