Saturday, April 26, 2014

Spring Haul! (Lilly, Aeropostale, Online Boutiques, and more!)

So I have been doing some CRAZY good bargain shopping lately! I have got some really awesome stuff and I was so excited to show you guys some of the exquisite deals I have gotten! I shopped mostly in stores but there are a few online things! 

I got this from Body Central for 16.95!
Forever 21 ::
This lovely elephant shirt was only $6.80. Its a bit short but I think its supposed to be that way! 
This dress has"disheveled dots" as I called them. Its a skater style dress. It was on sale for $9.99! 
This lovely tank top was on sale for $5.99!! And the day I went cami's were buy one get two free; so I got two black ones and a tan colored one! You can never have to many camis! 
I got this outfit for my little brother so we can math on Easter! This is his Easter outfit! (The next items are what I got to wear!)
This is my Easter Dress! I love this website!  Its a flash sale boutique! :) The clothing is cheap but great quality! I got this dress for $25! I mean look at that neckline! 
This baby right here was only $5.99!!!! :) I cant wait to wear it with everything from now on! 

This shirt is from the brand Broadway and Broome and it was $9!
These shorts are really a beautiful burnt orange! I payed $8 for them! (They didn't have a tag inside...)
This shirt ended up being one of my favorites when it was on. It fits perfect! Its the brand "Willie Smith" (I sang the song Fresh Prince of Bel-Air song to myself in the middle of the store...) I got this for a steal! It was only $4!

This was my prize for the day...I don't really know how old this dress is or even what the print is...(If you have a clue what this print is, PLEASE let me know!) I got this Lilly Pulitzer dress for...wait for it....$25!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was jumping up and down in the store when this fit me as perfect as it did!!! :) 
I can say that this was a successful haul! I didn't spend a million dollars! :) You guys should check out Simple Addiction right now for real though!!! :) (They are not paying me to say that. I genuinely enjoy their clothing!) Hopefully I can catch some more deals like this next time I go shopping! :)
What are the best deals you have ever got while thrifting? 
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  1. That white blouse is so pretty. It's very simple and light, perfect for summer!

  2. WOW you are a deal finder! Nice to meet you!! :) XOXO Rachael

  3. They are all so cute! And some good deals too!


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