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The Real Military Wives Link-Up!

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Today I am joining in a link-up with two of my favorite bloggers (who just happen to be Military Significant Others also!) Mallory or Mal and Samantha! They made a link-up to show what Military Spouses are really like. (Sorry to burst your bubble, but we aren't all like the Lifetime show...)

But as you may know, I am not exactly married yet but I figured I could still participate! ;) I haven't been through near the things that some Military SO's go through. I have not had to move yet, and I am not living on base. But I went through basic training and AIT and other stuff with my man. And actually I HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT...Aaron and I found out about a month and a half ago, that he will be deployed sometime next year. We dont have any more details than that...Which stinks but I figured it was time to tell you guys and what a perfect time to do it. So Mal, Samantha, if I shouldn't do this, throw a virtual tomato at my blog and tell me that "I don't even go here."

So they said:: In this post, we would like to a) introduce yourself, b) tell us your military story (where you've lived, highlights, etc) and c) share one thing you wish people knew about being a military spouse.

Well first off, you have to know that Aaron and I met in high school. 10 grade to be exact. So we were just babies and still had no idea what see wanted from life (I'm. Not saying that I know now by any means...). But for real. I had no idea that Aaron wanted to serve his country as a member of the military. I mean it never came up... It's weird because when I was little I saw my cousin dating a guy in the service and he deployed and I told myself I would NEVER put myself through that pain... Welp when a recruiter showed up to my small town high school and Aaron said he was joining, I was floored. I told him that he couldn't join, that I would break up with him. Well at this point we had been dating for a year... I knew that I couldn't break up with him because he was following his dream. So I told him I was sorry and I would stand behind no matter what because I loved him (smart desicion for a girl in 11th grade if you ask me!) and here we are today...

So for A.) My name is Elizabeth. I am a college freshman. I live in SC. I like to blog. I love my job as a Pre-School teacher to 7 little angels on the daily. I am in school to major in Elementary education! WOO. I have been dating my man candy/Aaron for a little over 3 years now. He is in the National Guard and ROTC (Prior Enlisted) currently. After he graduates college, he will be active Army and we will be stationed at our first place!

B.) As I mentioned before I haven't had the "privilege" of being uprooted with my little family yet since we haven't been stationed anywhere...yet. But I went three and a half months with out talking to Aaron (I got one letter a week) while he was at basic training. He then went to AIT for a little over 6 months. I got lucky though and he was only about 2 hours away there. So I could visit about once every 2 months. He also had access to a phone so I got a 3 minute phone call a day! :) Aaron drills once a month currently and does ROTC business every Thursday night! 

C.) It really bothers me when everyone thinks that our lives revolve around the military. (In some cases it does but hear me out...) Just because the one we love is in the service and their lives revolve around Uncle Sam, the military doesn't define US. We love being their for our S.O. but at the same time we also have our own lives. I hope that this part came out like I wanted it to and didn't make me sound stuck up...(Which is what I was trying to avoid...) Also I want people to know that I can say that I do not like a lot of the things the milittary does to my life; and not get shunned by the person I am talking to. I know about the sacrifices they make for us, Ive seen it. And I dont like it. I know it has to be done, but Uncle Sam can make some shitty choices. (After reading Samantha's blog I have decided to add this...) I hate the fact that everyone thinks that because I am with Aaron the military is something I chose. Honestly, I dont know one human that would tell you, "I made my man go into the military because I like coming second to everything." I am sorry but sometimes its really hard dating someone and knowing that until he is out of the military, you will NEVER be top priority. The Military comes FIRST. But overall, military life isnt so bad. :)
All this being said, I wouldnt trade my man cand and what we have for the world. He is my best friend and my rock and I love him no matter if he is in the service or not. 

I really enjoyed this Linkup and hope to be a part of it next time! (Unless I got tomatoes thrown at my blog because I am not a wife...) 
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  1. I couldn't agree with you more!! I talked about how the military does not define me, I'm a wife and I married the man, not the military! :)

    Amanda // Happily Ever After

  2. I can agree with this on SO many levels. I didn't want anything to do with Military life and now I'm stuck in the middle of it haha. I also totally agree with not liking what the Military can do with your life, it can really suck sometiems.

    Just A Girl

  3. No no no! Our lives do not revolve around the military! AND for the most part, our spouse's life doesn't either. Great post!

  4. Hey just because you aren't married yet does not mean you don't understand! I moved with Joe to Oklahoma for the Air Force way before we were even engaged.
    Your last sentence says it all, we are with out men because of them and not because of their job and it's benefits.

  5. Stopping by from thr link up!! Girlfriend, fiancé,'s all a hard role. We each face difficult times and sadly will continue to. I used to get so mad when people would scoff at me for being "just a girlfriend". My love was just as deep and it was hard to be away from him!!!!

  6. Wow, this was so interesting to read!! I did not know he was a part of the military! My best friend's boyfriend is in the military too and I am always impressed with how strong she is with not knowing where they will be in the future. Best of luck to you both!!

  7. Sometimes it is hard knowing you come second to the military. That has been my biggest thing to come to terms with.

  8. Visiting from the linkup! Wife or not, you still have to experience the rough aspects of the military life. So I give you props for that! Great post!


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