Thursday, May 15, 2014

Boys Behind the Blog: May!

I am so sad that this is my last ever Boys Behind the Blog! I really loved this linkup! When I told Aaron this was the last one we would do because this link-up was stopping...He frowned. And He really wants me to start up one so I could ask him five questions every month...So if anyone is doing that...starting up one similar, I will join you! 

The Italics are my response to his answers! 

1.) What was your first job?
-Boat dealership when I was a freshman in high school. By far the best job I have had so far. 

2.) What is the biggest risk you have ever taken? 
-Trying to kiss Elizabeth while she had a boyfriend.   Its true. He did try. But I didnt let him because I'm not a cheating garden tool. But thats a different story for a different day.     And I stole a car when I was 13. It was his older brother's truck.     He wanted tacos after football practice...Luckily noone was harmed and his brother didnt call the cops...

3.) Whats one thing you can't live without?
-Chicken and cheese nachos from insert local mexican resturant name here. For his real answer....Running. If I couldnt start everyday off with running my day would be terrible.   And he really does start it off every day with six in the morning. Even if he doesnt have to work that day...He's up bright and early.

4.) What is your least favorite food?
-Mayonaisse. Or tater tot casserole.  Tater tot casserole?

5.) If you could time travel, where/ when would you go?
-The 80's. Really? Yeah! The 80's were an awesome time! Why do you say that? It just seems really fun. I think it would be really cool to grow up with all the cool bands. ACDC, Def Lepoard those guys. 

Again, We are so sad to see this link up go! I may do something like this month to month just for Aaron! :) We will see! Happy Thursday! 
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  1. I loved the 80s too .. when we were going over the answers I told mine I would go to the 80s .. woo!!

    I also wanted to let you know that I am going to keep this linkup alive. I am going to continue the linkup it will just be under a different name. I would love for you to head over next month and link up :).

  2. I hate mayo too!

  3. How sad the linkup is ending! Start your own, girl!!

  4. I didn't realize that was the last Boy's Behind the Blog! :( And I love your commentary after his answers in the second question, too funny.

  5. Lol these are awesome answers. I want to hear the kissing story!


  6. hello darling, great photos!!! would u like to follow each other, just let me know and I will follow u back!!! kisses

  7. great post dear!!
    what about follow each other ??
    let me know if you start and i will follow back :)
    have a great day!!
    xoxo from Spain

  8. John also hates mayo! I'm really sad that the link up is over! I want to do something to highlight John on the blog but I'm not sure what.


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