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Deployment Survival Guide by Growing Up Is Actually Kind of Fun!

This is my VERY lovely friend from her corner of the inter-webs at Growing Up Is Actually Kind of Fun! I think she is the bees knees and she literally makes me laugh so stinking hard in every one of her post! She is so similar to me! 


Hello lovely readers! My name is Megan and I blog over at Growing Up Is Actually Kind of Fun! I would love for you to stop by and say hello.

I'm not sure how Elizabeth found my blog, but I'm glad she did. She's great! And she's also a military girlfriend, which gives us another level to connect on. My husband is in the Army and is currently deployed (half way done though, YAY)

But in the meantime, I'm again a geo-bachelorette. Just the pup and myself. Having to entertain ourselves. Cook for just me. Both of those things are difficult. And they suck.

Last time he deployed, I was still in grad school, living with three kick ass roommates. Once I graduated, rather than moving to Fort Campbell by myself, I moved home for a few months to work and finish planning our wedding ceremony. So basically, this is my first time playing the solo-wife. Boo.

Since I'm learning how to do this on my own this time, I've put together a little survival kit.

Here you go:
Just kidding. Sort of. How about we just expand upon that list, shall we?

Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime/DVR
Don't judge me. And don't act like you don't use your time alone to catch up on TV shows and movies that your spouse doesn't want to watch (believe me, he'll thank you for watching the entire Twilight saga by yourself). Netflix has allowed me to catch up on different series I've been wanting to watch, like Orange is the New Black, How I Met Your Mother, and New Girl. I also finished up Dexter and watched a couple of chick flicks. See, I'm using my time wisely to catch up with the rest of pop culture!

A Hobby
Guess what I'm going to do while he's gone? Teach myself to sew. I got a killer deal on a sewing machine on Amazon. And I have NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING. So then I went back on Amazon and got some Sewing 101 and easy beginner project books. And then I went to Joann Fabrics and bought some fabric and thread and basics. And I'm still too intimidated to start. Lucky for me, my best friend Julie has picked up the same hobby, so we can struggle through this one together.

Know what else I'm learning to do? Drive his truck. A giant, 1997 Dodge Ram with a stick shift. It's been a nightmare fun. But it's a necessary skill to have. And I'm slowly getting better at it. Though I'm pretty sure people think there's a creeper prowling our neighborhood in a red truck... I'm just not quite ready to take it on main roads yet.

Books are great. So is being able to buy them instantly and read them anywhere. Don't get me wrong, nothing beats having a brand new book in your hands, but sometimes you read those guilty pleasure books that you just don't want on your bookshelf. And sometimes you're too lazy to go to the bookstore or wait for Amazon Prime to ship it in two days. It happens. It's a great way to get away from your Netflix (I'm currently alternating a TV series and a book) and a perfect way to kill some time.

Basically the only thing keeping me sane. Having a dog helps you to account for those creepy sounds your house makes. You have someone to greet you at the door when you come home. You have someone to snuggle with on the couch when you're binge-watching some cheesy series you're too embarrassed to name. You also have someone to bark at intruders. And you have a little guy to help get you out of the house! Dog parks, walks, runs, hikes. Thank God for Stone.

Single Serve Things
Keurig K-Cups so you don't have to make a full pot of coffee. Soups and frozen dinners instead of making a full meal. Small bottles of wine instead of opening an entire bottle. Ice cream cups instead of eating a whole pint.. or gallon. Only 6 Oreos instead of an entire package (Lord knows I have no self control). Thank you America for recognizing (geographically) single people as a marketable demographic. I'm on board with your single servings. Otherwise I would rely strictly on cereal and sandwiches to feed myself for the next 9 months. Now I only half to rely on them half the time.

Care Packages
Possibly one of my favorite parts of deployment (is that even a thing?) is getting creative with what I send to B. I find the most random stuff in the dollar section at Target. I pack in stupid toys (mostly foam disc shooters, water guns, and plastic Army men) and cheesy holiday decor. I find little favorite snacks and candy to make puns. I make goofy mix cd's based on random things (80s one-hit-wonders anyone?) I'm not going to lie, I make some bomb care packages. Anything to remind him of home and give him a little laugh. Plus he can use it to torment his XO, which might just be the highlight of his day.

Support System
And for the most important part - the people in my life. My friends, my fellow current and former military spouses, my co-workers, my in-laws, my family. You can NOT make it through a deployment alone. Period. Someone to call up and bitch about how stupid the Army is being. Someone to make sure you get out of the house and eat a real meal (cereal is NOT a real meal) once in a while. Someone to just make sure you're doing okay. If anything on this list is absolutely essential, it's this. Don't try to be the tough guy and do it alone. It's not necessary and can be incredibly toxic. There's always someone out there who knows what you're going through and can give you some sound advice, or at least recommend a good bottle of wine. A special thanks to everyone who is a part of my support system, including you dear followers.

So yeah, I've got until September until this deployment is over with and I can hang out with Brendan sans Google Hangouts.

Good thing I'm ready!

What about you? What essentials am I missing?

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