Sunday, May 18, 2014

Dirty Little Secrets.

I want to know all of your dirty little secrets. (Am I the only one who just started singing the All American Rejects song??) Secrets? Yes! Secrets! But for real. I do. I want to hear all about them. I know you have some! 
What am I talking about secrets for? Well I WILL TELL YOU! The lovely Breanna At Up...Up...and Away are doing our very first linkup! What is about? DRUM ROLL PLEASE......SECRETS! ;) 
But for real now. In all seriousness. We would love for you to join us on the first Sunday of every month to dish out anything you have to get off your chest. It can be anything from admitting you murdered someone (scratch that...I dont want that weighing on my conscious)
It can be anything from telling us about the candy bar you stole when you were 2 or the confession that you always forget to blow your candles out before you get into bed. (GUILTY!) 
So pretty much you can come to this link up with any confessions, stories, secrets, weird quirks about yourself that you want to get in the open, or really jsut anything our blogging world friends dont know about you! 
So here we go! Come back to here or to Breanna's blog on the 1 of June and we can LINK-UP! 
But don't forget, what happens here, stays here! So,

Starting June 1!!! :) 
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  1. Neat link up idea!



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