Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Sorry to disappoint, but I am not engaged. One of my good friends from work got engaged this past weekend!
I am so happy or her! And her ring is GORGEOUS! And her finance is so good to her! She is going to be such a BEAUTIFUL bride! So here comes the question that has been on your mind since you opened this post. "How did he do it?" Well I am so glad you asked! He did it by HIRING A FLASH MOB. (Seriously? I mean some girls get all the luck right?) 
Here is a video of the awesome experience. 

But as awesome as my friend getting engaged is, its not what I wanted to talk about today. Its fixing to get real deep in HERRREEE. I love the idea of awesome engagements. I mean who doesn't want a proposal that makes other people cry their eyes out. I mean I have visited several sites that are just proposals. (I did this A LOT when Aaron was away doing Army duties.)
 ((This one is my favorite...))
Today I think there is SO much pressure on the guy to plan the PERFECT proposal. Granted I would love to be proposed to with a flash mob in Disney World with all my friends and family hiding with a secret photographer that's also taking a video and there to be fireworks in our honor and get to stay in the Cinderella castle (I dream big... #SorryImNotSorry). I think that this is such a special time to a girl, one that she has dreamed about for years. So I get it, "How he did it" is EXTREMELY important. Or is it?  Honestly, if Aaron asked me to marry him...virtually anywhere under any circumstance...I would. And you might be wondering "OMG. You would say Yes to someone who didn't care how he proposed?" And my answer to you is HECK YES I WOULD. Again, you may be wondering why? 

Well I think that (again as much as I want an awesome proposal) its not the proposal that counts. Its the actual marriage (or upcoming marriage) that counts. If you truly love the person that is proposing to you, why does it have to be some huge, grand gesture? So yes. I think that the proposal should be special but I would say yes to the man I love with all my heart no matter the proposal. 


So If you are engaged or married, how did he do it? I am curious! :) Happy Wednesday! 
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  1. OH MY GOD! I had chills through this entire thing! I literally teared up when he slyly jumped into the dance. That was a really good idea for one. I think part of this had such an emotional part on me because my Hubby and I had that song playing when we walked back down the isle after getting married.

    My husband proposed to me after the fireworks on the fourth of July almost two years ago! I have the story and the video that his sister recorded here: >>>

    This is a great post! Love it.

    Just A Girl

  2. I definitely agree with you that the proposal is not the important part. My husband planned some big thing, but when the ring finally arrived (we special ordered an antique one from a different state) he was so excited to show me kind of just... gave it to me. LOL!

    -- Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

  3. Oh my goodness what a unique way!! Too cute!! My husband wasnt that elaborate, but he did totally surprise me and had my sister hiding taking photos so that we always have it to look back on :)

  4. Wow that is such a creative way to propose! Congrats to your friend.

  5. I suppose I am also one of those girls that didn't care how my fiance proposed. We had talked about proposals when we started looking at rings. My only request was that I didn't want him to propose at dinner. I also suggested he try to have somebody there with a camera to capture the moment. Luckily he planned this sweet picnic at my college on the lawn where we met, but it was overcast and about to rain so all his hard plans went out the window and he improvised. It turned out beautifully and we still got pictures. I don't think it's right to put a lot of pressure on the guy. As long as they put a little thought into it and get down on one knee, that's what matters.

  6. Love the video! And I think everyone's proposal is special to them in their own personal way! :)


  7. Great post! Also would you like to follow each other on GFC ? If so just let us know <3

  8. I love this! Congrats to your friend!



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