Friday, May 9, 2014

Five on Friday: Mother's Edition!

Happy FRIDAY! I thought Friday would NEVER come! I am way too excited for this week to be over! I need a break! We got two new children in my class at work and they have never been to a school before. So training them to go from home to school at 2 is NOT easy. Hence, the break I need. So for this Friday, I wanted to do something a little different. Since Mothers Day is Sunday, I wanted to show you guys (WITH PICTURES) five of my favorite memories of me and El Crystal. WARNING :: BE PREPARED FOR SOME SCARY AWKWARD YEAR PICTURES...

One :: This one isn't exactly a memory but more a memory of stories. When I was little, I didn't like my feet (or any hair on my face. See Lack of eyebrows and lashes now). So whenever I got the chance I would try to pull them off. This picture is one of the many pictures my family has of me caught in the act. Several times I would try to pull them off so hard that I would cry because I didn't understand that I was hurting myself. (Lets just please note the 90's hairstyles...And contrary to what it looks like, I PROMISE I WAS A GIRL)

Two :: This picture is one of my signature pose when I was little. When someone pulled out a camera my finger automatically went to my cheek and I posed. Don't ask me where it came from or where it started...But this is pretty much a thanks to my mom for putting up with my crazy self...even when I was being a diva and never wanted to take a normal picture...

Three :: This picture could be a poster for what NOT to do to your kids hair. Or What to do to your child's hair if you want them to get bullied. This is my mom and my sister and I! This picture is at a girl scout event. GIRL SCOUTS?!?! Yes! You remember how everybody was a girl scout for like a year when they were little? Well that wasn't me... I was a girl scout for twelve years...My mom was the leader of my "troop" and I guess that's why I stuck to it. This is just a whole bunch of memories piled up into one; Girl Scouts.

Four :: This picture was at my seventh (?) birthday party. We had this party in my grandmothers dinning room. It was a princess tea party! We had actual tea sets and everything. And obviously made crowns. It was pretty cool. (Please note the snoopy with a rainbow/ matching skirt I was wearing. Also note the awesome fake pink hair that I wore everyday because I was convinced that it was awesome...And it was. Happy 2000's!) Anyways the point of this picture is showing that my mom putting makeup on me. She was the one who "trained me" I guess you could say. I remember standing in her bathroom every morning of 7th grade while she did my "makeup." 

Five :: This last one is a fun one. Beauty pageants. As stated before, when I was little, I was a D-I-V-A. I was in beauty pageants galore and won almost everyone I was in. (Insert hair flip). So this was when I decided to do them again! It was really fun getting ready and all that and I had such a good time bonding with my mom that I was okay when I didn't win. (After I was a little angry...). So This memory is such a good one. I remember that day like it was yesterday! 

So Happy Mothers day Mama! I love you so much and I am so grateful for all that you have done for me (I am sure my watermelon head has given you grief more times than when I entered the world...) and will do for me in the future. You're the best and I am honored to have a mom like you! (Here are two pictures that didn't make the "memory cut" but I wanted to include anyways. 

 P.S. Happy Military Spouse day! I am so appreciative for all you strong ladies/men out there. It is a hard job without recognition but you do it anyways. THANK YOU to all people (even the people who aren't spouses) who stand by their significant other in uniform!

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  1. Aw! Love this! Great photos! Have a fabulous weekend! xoxo

  2. How precious! I lost my mom two years ago to cancer, so this weekend is bittersweet!


  3. Such wonderful photos of you and your mom! Looks like you have great memories with her growing up!

  4. Aww this is such a sweet post! I am loving that picture of you in the fancy dress... I'm assuming prom or something?! so stunning!

  5. Aww! So sweet. I hope your mom had a wonderful Mother's Day!


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