Monday, May 12, 2014

It's Over...

So today something has come to an end for me. I cant believe it. And it has devastated me. And has made me in a depressed mood all day...Because...its over...
Desperate Housewives is over. I finished the series and I haven't stopped crying all day. I cant believe I will never see a new episode of this show...PLEASE EXCUSE THE PICTURE OVERLOAD...I went a little crazy...
This is going to be a weird post that you probably wont relate to if you havent seen the show. And if you havent seen the show, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING ON? ALL 8 SEASONS ARE ON NETFLIX! GET WATCHING AND COME BACK WHEN YOURE DONE! 
Now I know yall might think I am being a little, teensy, tiny bit dramatic about this show ending. BUT let me explain. 
I started this series when one of my best friends (Kinsley, if you re reading this...HI!) showed it to me while I was in Gym II (almost a free period in my high school) in the last semester of my Senior year in High school. During this time change was all around me. I was getting ready to graduate. Aaron was at advanced training for his military career. My mom had just had a baby. I was thinking about all my options for college...Lets just say I had a lot going on and it was kinda crazy. (Okay lets be honest with each other I was a nut case.) So having something CONCRETE in my life-even if it was a silly TV show-meant the world to me. This is also going to sound crazy but I feel like I became friends with everyone on the lane and I pretty much live there too. (Is that taking it a little far? Nah.)' I happy with the way the show ended? Why yes actually I am. It was a very sweet ending! (And if you watched the finale you will understand when I say, I didn't realize how many people died in the course of this show...)
But on an unrelated note, I wanted to state the fact that I loved all the characters in this (Except for Jane in the last season. YUCK.) Including the Males. I mean some of the male characters were actually my favorites. I would love to say I had a favorite "Housewife" out of the four main ladies...but I don't.

I feel like Aaron and I act a lot like Tom and Lynette. 

I feel like I am awkward, clumsy, and never say the right thing like Susan.

I love to shop and have an attitude like Gabby.

And I can see myself as the classy woman that Bree is.

Can I say they were ALL my favorite? 

So I want to say thank you. To the residents of Wisteria Lane. You have entertained me and made me feel like one of your own. I cant thank this TV show enough for some of the life lessons it has taught me.Thanks for all the late nights. And all the laughs...and tears. I am so thankful that this show (that if you couldn't tell is more than JUST a show to me).

See You Again Soon Ladies.
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  1. I used to love Desperate Housewives! For some reason though I stopped watching somewhere around season 4, might have to pick it up again once Joe leaves. The two things that get me through him being gone is a new TV series I can marathon watch and a big old glass of wine.

  2. OH MY GOD I FEEL YOUR PAIN!!!! I watched and fell in love with this show too. One thing I don't like is that everyone thinks it's a lame show about wives that sit at home or something. Little do they know that it's full of murders and everything! It's one of my favorite shows ever. So good.

    Just A Girl

  3. Aww I wish I could relive Desperate Housewives, it was one of my favorite shows! At least we have Netflix!

  4. My best friend and I used to wake up super late during the summer and eat our breakfast while it came on! I don't think I've even watched a full season, but I liked the show. I feel your pain about a show ending though, I was that way with Army Wives! :(


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