Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My insta-life!

One of my favorite Social Medias (Arguably my FAVORITE) is Instagram. I dont know why creeping on other people's lives through pictures is so addicting...but it is. Its hands down one of the BEST ways to keep up with me. So if you dont follow me, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING ON?!?! 
Follow my Instagram here!  There is also a nifty little button on the side that you can click and it will wisk you away to land of Insta-beth (See what I did there?) 
So for those of you unfortanute souls that dont follow me, I can give you the down-low on whats happening over in my Instalife! (They are in order form oldest to newest! Starting on Easter! (April 20!) 
This was made on Easter and the caption is "This is Aaron's attractive face. I love my #mcm" 
I don't think that anyone will disagree that he's the most attractive thing in the world making this face.

This picture posted on April 27. When I was going to an award banquet for a theater! 
The caption is "#selfiesunday" Because I am totally original. 

This was posted May 2. I posted it the opening weekend of Charlotte's Web! :) The caption is "Preview of my Charlottes Web get-up! We open tonight! You have 4 chances to see this lovely show! Tonight at 7 and tomorrow at 10, 3 and 7!!! Hope to see you there! #charlottesweb #theater #openingnight" 

This was posted on May 5! I had just finished up my final, final. This is a java chip frape. Its my favorite! :) And my Shirt is from the Lovely Under The Carolina Moon! You can visit their website Here!
The caption on this is "I mean I'm not sure if I could be more #WhiteGirl right now... This beautiful shirt is from@underthecarolinamoon #Starbucks #TShirt#UnderTheCarolinaMoon "

I posted this on May 12! I just finished "The One" and HOLY CRAPOLA! You have to read The Selection trilogy! (Read my review of the first one here!) And the second picture is my swimsuit that I ordered from Target! I am in love with how soft it is and how perfect it fits! Also thanks Seventeen Magazine for giving me this opportunity! You can buy the bikini top here! And the bikini bottoms here! The caption on this picture is "Just finished reading #TheOne by #KieraCass and holy crap and I got one of my "Hawaii bikinis"! Thanks @targetstyle #TargetStyle and#SeventeenSocialClub "

Hope you enjoyed taking a walk through the recent events in my Instalife! Again, You can follow me here! ;)

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  1. I have never gotten on the Instagram train, I love pictures but I would like to read the stories that go along with the pictures. I guess that's why I love the blogging world. Thanks for sharing some of the pictures I would have never gotten to see otherwise though!

  2. Hahah instagram is my favorite social media form, too!!


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