Thursday, May 29, 2014

One, Two, Lets Change A Few [things]!

A lot of you dont really want to read about my life and thats fine with me! So I will see you in my next post if you dont want to read about work. haha

So some big changes have been happening at work. I figured I would write them down. We got a new director about two weeks ago. So EVERYTHING is changing. Decorations are changing. Rooms are changing. Its very different but in a good way! 

My room has 6 angels in it right now. One of them is moving day cares. Three are moving up because they are turning three. And I will be getting three new angels. Well here is the thing. Since I have started, I have loved the three year old room. The afternoon position has been taken up. Well the morning teacher is quiting so the afternoon teacher is moving into her spot. Which makes the spot I have wanted open. I talked to our new director just casually and I mentioned moving rooms. She was on board. 

So by Monday I am leaving my Wee Willow room and moving up to the room called "The Roots!" I am so excited for this change but its also bitter sweet. I have told everyone how much I love the kids in my room. I love them as I would love my own. And even though over half my class is moving, two of my angels are still there...I feel like I am abandoning my original angels. I feel like their parents will be unhappy with me. I am scared that the three year old parents are not going to be happy with the job I do. I am scared that I wont be creative enough to keep the parents and children learning. 

But I am also excited because I think I can do it (this is conflicting with my earlier statement but this is the way my brain is working at the moment). I think having someone young and fresh with them will be great. And on the plus side, when all of these children turn three, They will move into my class again! 

There is a lot of change happening at work right now and I had to think long and hard on if I wanted to change classrooms or not. I think this will be the best decision for me. I think I will be really happy. 

Today I am training the girl who take my place...Lets hope it goes well and she loves my angels as much as I do. 

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  1. Usually, the parents seem to be okay with the change, surprisingly! My mom owned a preschool for 15 years, and sometimes the teachers would be shifted around due to someone leaving, but it was never really a huge deal. It will definitely help your Wee Willows adjust much easier when they get up to your classroom!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

    Good luck in your new position!

  2. I understand the bittersweet feeling of change but yay for new adventures and experiences!

  3. Hey change can be a good thing and it sounds like this will be one of the good ones. Congrats on getting the position you wanted and enjoy it!

  4. Congratulations on getting the position you wanted! I'm sure things will run smoothly and that you'll do an outstanding job. Good luck Elizabeth!

    Stay Fabulous

  5. Change is good! It sounds like you've got some very exciting changes happening right now. Best of luck!!

  6. I think as long as you are happy and you care for the kids no matter what their age is, I would think the parents will be happy.

    PS I think it's so cute you call them angels!


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