Friday, May 16, 2014

Review: Loreal Volume Filler system

So a while back, I got a package of the Volume filler system from Loreal from Seventeen.
 I have curly hair that is really thick and dry. So when I was sent this system I was a little worried. Sometimes when I try volume products, I get too much volume! (I know sounds crazy right? But it really is a problem!) And then I am left with a huge volume mess that's really dry because if you're shampoo is volumizing, why make it so it moisturizes too?
It says that it makes your hair full of volume and IT DOES! I also really liked the fact that it didn't leave a residue in my hair. Sometimes volume systems tend to just make my hair feel dirty and this one gave me the desired volume WITHOUT the dirty feeling! It also smells delicious! I feel like I walked straight out of the salon with the smell! Its not a fruity or floral or citrus smell. Just CLEAN! 
But the best part of this system? Since I mentioned earlier that I have really dry hair, this conditioner gives volume and it makes my hair hydrated! SCORE!
So thanks Loreal and Seventeen for getting me ready for my weekend! :)
I was sent this system but all opinions are my own! 
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  1. Wow I definitely see great volume in your pony!


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