Saturday, May 3, 2014

Road trip Playlist by American Honey!

Today I am pleased to have Ashley! She is also a MilSo! She is so sweet! Go check out her little part of the web at American Honey!

Hey y’all! That’s me right there… in the pink dress. I’m Ashley and I blog over at American Honey. That handsome man in the picture with me is my fiance, John. We usually act like an old married couple who is in bed before 9:30 but sometimes we act really goofy like that. When the goofiness comes out, we have to document it.

Currently John and I are separated by about 400 miles. It’s quite a bummer sometimes, but you know the old saying-- absence makes the heart grow fonder. It’s quite true. Anyway, I jump at the chance to head down to South Carolina to see him. Unfortunately those 400 miles can get quite tiresome.

In the past few weeks I’ve visited South Carolina a few times and have found that music, country music, can be a real help to get through those boring yet quite exciting miles.  

Top Road Trip Songs

5. Our Kind of Love by Lady Antebellum
4. Hell on the Heart by Eric Church
3. Barefoot Blue Jean Night by Jake Owen
2. Pirate Flag by Kenny Chesney
1. Beachin by Jake Owen

There are so many other good “headed to South Carolina” songs I don’t even have time to go through them all.

One other song I heard on one of my trips is #Selfie by The Chainsmokers. Have y’all heard this song?! One word. WOW! Oh here is my #selfie with one of my friends on a road trip to Charleston.

Have fun on your next road trip even if it’s a few miles down the road. Take a trip over to American Honey and say hello! I’ll be happy to have you!


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  1. I love all of those songs!


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