Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Style Steal:: Jack Rogers!

In the South (and other places but mostly in the South), Jack Rogers are a staple in Spring and Summer fashion. But the is the tinsey tiny problem that if you're broke, they cost an arm and a leg. I mean maybe its just me, but I have a really hard time dropping $110 on a pair of sandals...Even if they are gorgeous. So I found a solution. I FOUND AWESOME KNOCK OFFS! They are from the brand Hot Cakes and are almost identical to the "real ones." I have gotten a new pair of these every season and they never disappoint! 
The pictures make the differences look more significant but I PROMISE they are almost identical. The soles are a little darker on the Hot Cakes ones. And just in case you need another plus (besides them being dirt cheap) of the Hot Cakes ones? They don't have wood in the heels! So it doesn't take you two years to wear them in! And they are super super comfy! So although Jacks are a classic and a staple, I might have to replace my need for the expensive shoes with the cheaper alternative!
Buy Jack Rogers HERE!
Buy Hot Cakes HERE!
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  1. awesome! I will have the check these out! thanks for sharing girl!

  2. Wow they really do look similar! I love posts like this, I am always looking out for a good deal.

  3. Around here it's all about Miss Me Jeans. Those are about the same price as those sandals!

    Just A Girl

  4. Oh my gosh! Such a steal they look just alike! Your feature date is coming up - whoop whoop!

  5. What a great save, they look so similar!

  6. They look so similar! And I must not be in the South because I've never heard of Jack Rogers shoes.

  7. I've never head of hot cakes before, thanks for sharing lovebug!

    Rachel @

  8. I love this comparison! Finding look-alikes at a fraction of the cost is always a plus!

  9. I have never heard of Hot Cakes, but what a steal!



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