Monday, June 9, 2014

An announcement and Some Infinities.

So my weekend. All weekend I have been kinda on edge I don't know why but it could have something to do with the fact I will be in Hawaii in about 36 hours. But no big deal...(EXPECT SOME AWESOME GUEST BLOGGERS THIS WEEK!) But anyways, I didn't have a too eventful weekend but I figured I could still share because there is also an announcement I have to make. 

Friday :: Well first off you have to know that it was Ocean week all week at the preschool. So we learned about the ocean all week. This was also my first week in my in my new classroom. It was a roller coaster week adjusting to new kiddos but I think I am going to love it. But I do miss my angels from our Wee Willow class so much. So glad that they will turn three again and I will once again be their teacher! So I made them a treat for being good called an "Ocean Cup." (I mean its literally vanilla wafers and pudding but whatevs.) And don't ever try to make blue pudding with vanilla and blue food turns green...because pudding is yellow...not white...So behold my green ocean cup. The kids didn't mind and gobbled it right up! 
After work I went out to eat with two friends for pizza. It was a place that I had never been and the pizza was BOMB AWESOME. (Fun fact ::I like hamburger meat on my pizza and that's about the only type I eat besides a classic cheese. I know. I'm basic.)
*Here is the announcement that has no relevance to your life but a huge one to me* We had know that Aaron was going a deployment next year for a couple months now. And on Friday we found out that he leaves officially in February. I have a little bit of time but I am gonna miss that farthead when he leaves. I will be doing a whole post when I return from good ole Hawaii on my emotions on deployments and such. 

Saturday :: Saturday I pride myself in having a mostly lazy day. I didn't feel really up to par so I layed in bed on my computer most of the day watching netflix and such. I also read a lot of The Fault In Our Stars...I hate to say I joined the bandwagon but I did. It was really nice to be lazy if we are being honest. Later on I actually felt like getting out of bed so I called up my sweetheart and we went to Chilli's! I love love love that place. I always get the Southern Smokehouse burger, no mayo and no cheese. Its great you have to try it! 

Sunday :: I woke up feeling really bad and continued to feel pretty crappy the whole day. But I got up and went to church anyways. I then went to O'Charley's with my grandparents. I rode with them, so I didn't have to drive which means I finished TFIOS Sunday. Here is my picture when I finished the book that I sent to my friend Sydney...
 I went home and got my sister and we went and saw the movie. And I promise even if you know the whole story you will die of a flood of tears. There were people in the theater who were practically screaming they were crying so hard. I cried also but not that hard! haha But this is one of the first movies that I have EVER seen that actually was almost a perfect adaptation of the book.. "You gave me a forever with numbered days." So I then went to Aarons to hang out for a while. I then went home! 
Now its Monday morning! I am leaving in less than 24 hours to board my first plane ever! I am excited and so nervous. Have I mentioned I haven't packed yet? Guess I know what I am doing tonight!!! Love you all and I will talk to you in seven days! 

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  1. I hope you enjoy every minute of the time you and Aaron have together before he has to go! I'm happy you had a fun weekend, and have the time of your life in Hawaii!

    Stay Fabulous

  2. Oh gosh I can't go to see that movie or read that book, I know that I will not stop crying. Pregnancy hormones + something even remotely sad = disaster.

    Also I am so sorry to hear that your boo is going to be deployed in February! At least you have a good chunk of time to spend with him now.

  3. Have a wonderful and safe trip! Soak up a little extra sun for me!

  4. Oh my gosh ocean week-- that has to be the cutest thing ever!

    -- Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

  5. Have fun in Hawaii!! I'm so jealous!!


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