Sunday, June 1, 2014


So this is a link up that Breanna and I came up with. We will be doing it the first Sunday in every month!!! And Pretty much...I want to know your secrets. Like spill. But no...for real. This is somewhere where you can admit really weird quirks about yourself or even a story your readers don't know. So here are my first confessions. 

-I cant eat regular corn on the cob. I have to put peanut butter on it. But I don't like PB on my loose corn...

-I'm not really sure what a "button" is on here...

-I dont understand how people make money off their blogs...Like blogging for a living. Someone hire me to do that. 

-Since I live in a very small town, I never get to go to a mall. So in turn I online shop a lot. It has got bad...I love the feeling of getting things out of my mailbox. Someone stop me! I need an intervention...

-I have been tanning in a bed recently (I know its bad for me...) And EVERYTIME my butt gets burnt. So It takes all that I can for me not to scratch my itchy, burnt butt.

-I have a huge sweet tooth. Sometimes, just so I can have that extra scoop of ice cream...I do sit ups...I know. 

-I refuse to finish the series "How I Met Your Mother" because I dont want to face the fact that its over. 

-I rarely wash my jeans. 

-I currently own 32 eye shadow palettes. These range from my Urban Decay Naked palettes to my wet 'n wild ones. I may have a tiny problem...

-I only paint my toenails like once a month. I just let them chip...And I refuse to go get them done...

So please write your confessions and put them in the linkup below!!! :) Happy Sunday! 
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  1. This is a really cool blog, you have some great unique ideas! The peanut butter on the corn thing is very puzzling to me.

    Anyway, I'd appreciate it if you would check out my style!


  2. Peanut butter on corn!!!! I've definitely never heard of that before but now I have to try it

  3. Ah, I forgot this was Sunday, but I do have a huge story coming up tomorrow that I might have to link up with.

  4. I wish I could blog for a living, as well! And I love sweets, too! Have a wonderful week!


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