Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Fashion Trend: Daises

This post was written before I left for Hawaii! I will be back soon with tons of pictures and stories! Love you all!!! 

So recently while I was shopping I was observing some of the Spring/Summer trends in the stores I was in. There are a few that stood out but there was one that I saw seriously EVERYWHERE. I really like it and I hope to get into this trend myself at least with one thing. What is this trend you may ask? DAISES!So I went on a hunt to find some affordable but cute stuff with this trend!  Here is what I found!!! 

I wish I could pull off Maxi skirts because they are like sweat pants minus the fabric between your legs. They are perfect for the Summer too so you can wear it when you "forgot" to shave!. But this covers you so you can wear it when your legs are less than appealing. This skirt is from Macy's from the American Rag line. Its $39 and You can buy it here!

I mean who doesnt like looking adorable while swimming. I mean I know I do! So I found this bikini that is $10.80 for the top and $10.80 for the bottom! Its from Forever 21 and You can buy it here!

I love a good scarf. I love throwing on a white tee and a scarf in the summer. Its so easy but It looks like you put so much more effort into your outfit! This scarf is from Charlotte Russe and is $9.99! You can buy it here!
I thought this was a raelly cool take on the daisy trend. Its a graphic tee from Charlotte Russe. Their t shirts are always really comfy! Its on sale for $10 right now!! You can buy it here!

These shorts are on point with the daisy trend but unlike most things, has a red background instead of a black! I think this is super cute! AND the shorts look SUPER comfy. You can ger this little number at Forever 21 for $15.98. CLICK HERE TO BUY IT!

I feel like I have seen these shoes so many times before. I love them everytime I see them! You can purchase them for $64.99 on the Vans website! Buy them here!!!
I hope you like this trend as much as I do!!! FLOWER POWER! 
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  1. Ahh, I love daisies, and I love the price tags on the pieces that you selected! Hope you are having a great trip :)

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  2. you should link up with us for trending tuesday! we talk about all different trends and what's trendy according to you. check my blog for more info & get other eyes on your trends!

    i love the daisies too. xo


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