Wednesday, June 11, 2014

OOTD: eShakti

*This is a pre-written post. I am soaking up the sun and enjoying my vacation in Hawaii!!!*

If you tell me you didnt think you could be a fashion designer when you were little, I would tell you that you are a dirty liar. (Wait...was I just a really strange child who had strange ambitions? I'd buy that over everyone else being weird...) 

Well, when I was little I had a million and four notebooks with outfits drawn in them. I mean I can barely draw stick figures so these outfits obviously werent very great. But I mean I had ideas. I wasnt happy with what I wearing when I was younger (mostly hand-me-downs because being poor in the 90's I think was a thing...) so I made things that I thought were acceptable. (Can we please note almost EVERY shirt I "designed" showed some midriff and a good bit of leg? *See : I was a fat child dreaming of showing my stomach.*   

The point of this story? Well even now I would love to customize my clothing. Well insert eShakti Clothing here! Their motto is "We design. You customize." You can add sleeves to anything or take them off or change the neckline or the length of ANYTHING. I mean its pretty awesome. I truely love so much on their website. 

I got a tunic shirt (I thought when I was ordering that it was a dress...whoops on my part...) It is a seersucker print that is kinda kaki and cream. Then the BEAUTIFUL, intricate embroadiary on the front is a brownish color. but here are the pictures! *I am still new to this OOTD thing so be nice to my awkward pictures!*

Shirt:: eShakti   Pants :: Old    Shoes :: Hot Cakes brand (read this style steal here!)    Bow :: Claire's
*This is my natural hair in this picture. It has never looked this good and probably never will again...*

eShakti was awesome enough to give you guys a coupon code that is active till June 29! It is Creates and should get you 10% off your order!! :) 

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*I was sent this tunic from eShakti but all opinions are ALL my own and not influenced in anyway. 


  1. I love eShakti, they have so many cute summer dresses!

  2. 1. Can I have your natural hair? It is so gorgeous?!
    2. I am so incredibly jealous you're in Hawaii- hope you're having a blast!
    3. LOVE that tunic!


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