Wednesday, June 25, 2014

OOTD: Orange Shorts and Gold shoes.

Please excuse all awkward posing and such. Idk if my body is capable of being not awkward.

So I have always loved OOTD's. And when I do my own I try to include pieces that you guys would still be able to purchase. I would always get so aggravated when one of my favorite OOTD bloggers had a cute piece on and it was old or I couldn't even find anything like it. Well today is one of those days for me. The shorts are the main focus of this outfit and I got them at a thrift store...So I cant tell you where these are from. I cant even tell you a brand because they don't have a tag in them...But I can tell you the tank tops are from Aeropostale (I have on 2 because 1 is see through...It is also way too hot to wear anything more structured because southern heat sucks. My necklace is from Walmart is Hawaii! They match my earrings from Claire's so perfectly it looks like I got them together! The shoes are my "jack rogers" Click here for that post! Happy Wednesday guys I hope you have a great day! 

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  1. Cute cute shorts girly!! Love this for summer!

  2. I think it's next to impossible not to look awkward in outfit posts but don't worry you managed to pull it off! Happy to have you back!

  3. So adorable, fabulous colour, makes me wish it was summer where I am.

  4. So cute!! I am loving your hair in these pictures!


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