Friday, June 27, 2014

Review: Miliani Makeup!

This summer Miliani (A drugstore makeup brand) has come out with a whole new line of products. SAY WHAT?! Yeah. And I am here to do a review for you on every product! Thanks to Seventeen and Miliani for giving me this opportunity! I have used everyone of these products for a couple weeks so I can give an honest review! 

This is an overview of EVERYTHING! 
 This is the Miliani Liquid eye liner pencil. It is so dark and I find myself reaching for this over my high end eyeliners! 

 This is an eyeshadow in Beach Sand. Its a nice golden color with a lot of sparkle. It looks great with a matte crease color or even by it self! I 

 This is the Eye tech extreme liquid eye liner. I love the felt tip on this. It makes it so easy to do the winged eyeliner look since the felt tip is so long. I have been using it for a couple weeks now and it is still going strong so thats great for felt tip for me! 

 This is a lipstick from their normal lipstick line. It is a perfect red color and it looks BEAUTIFUL on! 

This is the Brow and Eye Highlighters. This was a very interesting product to me. I actually use them in a different way than intended. I do use the brown for my brows. But the other side serves as a GREAT base for my eyeshadows! 

 This is the Power Lip stain gloss. I have had great results with it. The color does stain but it looks like a lipgloss when applied. I also love this color but it is showing up more coral on camera than it actually is. Its more of a pink in real life. 

 This is the Lip Intense liquid lipcolor/or lip gloss. I loved the bright pink in this color. It wasnt sticky and lasted for a good while! Again this was a BRIGHT pink and I didnt see anything coral about it! 

 This is a lipgloss from the lipgloss line and is in Red My Lips. This goes perfectly over the lipstick mentioned earlier! 

 This is the Color Statement Lipliner. This lipliner is a beautiful red and goes perfectly with all the other red lip products I have mentioned! 

 This was a new shade to their blushes and it is a matte pink. I loved this because I dont own a lot of matte colors! It applies gorgeous and looks great with a tan! 

 This was their new mascara called Runway Lashes. I love the packaging and the mascara gives your lashes SO much volume! 

This was the Brow Shaping clear gel. It is perfect and keeps my brows in place all day! 

 This is the Anti-Feathering lipliner. It keeps those bright lipstick colors from getting onto your face!!! 

Overall I dont have any complaints about any of the products. They were all great! If you are interested or see something you like, Miliani is sold in most drugstores! And on This website! Happy Friday! Have a good weekend guys! 

*Disclaimer :: I was sent these products from Seventeen but I am in no way affiliated with the company Miliani! 
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  1. Love all the makeup items! The Matte Blush looks so pretty <3


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