Sunday, June 15, 2014

Up, Up, and Away! Guest post :: Breanna!

Our next guest blogger is the gorgeous Breanna from Up, Up, and Away! I love her post, she ALWAYS makes me laugh! We do a link up on confessions together every first Sunday of each month! And she just re-did her blog all by herself. Which, I think is really impressive because HTML is hard. So with out further adue here is Breanna! 

Well hello there everybody!

My name is Breanna from Up Up and Away and writing whatever seems to come to mind is my game. While Elizabeth is off gallivanting around who knows what amazing place, I'm here in hot and sweaty Virginia guest blogging for her.

I am a proud Air Force Wife who currently does nothing but sit at home, blog, cook, garden, coupon, do arts and crafts, make sarcastic remarks, rub my doggy's belly and whatever else I can do to suck up some time. (aka: we moved right before finding out that I was pregnant and therefore couldn't find a job because people don't really hire preggys) I also used to drink a lot of wine but being knocked up squashed that habit pretty quickly. You're welcome baby who is currently kicking me in the ribs - this is the thanks I get.

^^ That's me and the hubsters in case you couldn't already guess

So anyways lets move on to the good stuff, the real meat of this potato. (Is that how the phrase goes?)

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Five Things I Wish I Could Have Told Myself About Life Five Years ago

{Number One}
That blonde cutie you just met, yeah him, listen to your heart and not your head when making big decisions concerning him. I won't spoil what happens between you two in the future but trust me, your head can be a real dum dum at times.

{Number Two}
Change your freaking major before it is too late! Yes you may love it but nobody wants to hire an architecture graduate fresh out of college in a down economy no matter how cute you may smile and flutter your eyelashes at the person interviewing you, if you even get that far. You will just end up working in sales paying back what seems like gazillions in student loan debt. Who knew that crazy old man customer ranting and raving and warning you about your major really wasn't so crazy after all.

**A little back story here, I used to work at Best Buy in college to pay the bills and one day a customer and I were having a conversation about life when he asked what I was studying. When I told him architecture he lost his cool and told me I needed to do something that could withstand a recession and yada yada yada. I wrote him off as nuts... Who knew old people actually knew what they were talking about.

I can't believe I found a picture from when I worked at Best Buy...

{Number Three} 
Call your parents more often! They have sacrificed a lot for you so that you could get to where you are today and they deserve a phone call at least once a week you lazy bum.

{Number Four}
Stop taking life so dang seriously and go smell some flippin' flowers or something. College (and life) goes by way to quick and they really and truly are some of the best years of your life. Yes school is important but living life is just as important.

^^ You need more moments like this in your life

{Number Five}
Things won't always turn out as planned or how you wanted them to, but just know that it all turns out wonderfully and you are really and truly happy. You also end up adopting the cutest dog EVER.

I mean come on!

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  1. That pup is such a cutie!


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