Monday, July 7, 2014

Southern Belle Tag!

I was tagged by the lovely Rachel at Make Shift Munch to do the Southern Belle tag! I usually don't do these kind of things but I thought this one was so cute I might as well! I am not going to tag anyone, so if you want to do this, feel free!!!! 
1.) Do you have an accent? 
-I mean  I guess. Everyone always says I have a strong accent but I obviously have never heard it! 
2.) Do you say Y'all?
-I mean only all the time. 
3.) How many monogrammed things do you own? 
-I wouldn't want to count that many things...Alot. And I just bought an embroidery machine so everything will have my mono gram on it! 
4.) What size are your t-shirts? 
-I wear a small in stuff that isn't tight but like fitted tees I wear a medium! 
5.) Do you like sweet tea? 
- I didn't know until like last year that sweet tea wasn't a thing like EVERYWHERE. I drink water and sweet tea. If that says anything...
6.) Show us your favorite pair of cowboy boots.
-I actually do not own a pair. I wouldn't wear them enough to justify buying a pair...
7.) What's your favorite thing to eat at Chick-Fil-A? 
-I get a number 1, extra pickles with a sweet tea! AND I LOVE THE PEACH MILKSHAKES! 
8.) Do you own any chevron? 
-I actually don't. I only like certain color combos of chevron and its kinda difficult to find those on clothing! 
9.) What is your favorite football team? 
10.) Do you wear jean jackets? 
-Yeah, when its not over 100 degrees outside as it currently is.
11.) Does your state get tornado's? 
-Yes but not big ones every year! I am TERRIFIED of them.
12.) Fireflies or lightening bugs? 
-I call them both. 
13.) Show us your favorite Lilly item.
I love pretty much an dress in all seriousness. But this is the one that I am lusting over!

14.) How hot/humid does it get where you live?
-Uh. You would have to experience the humidity here to understand that I cant put this into words. I just know all the humidity makes my hair so fantastic that all the boys want to drop their boxers. (Why cant someone just come up with a sarcasm font?) 

15.) Vineyard Vines or Southern Tide?
-Vineyard Vines! 

16.) Do you say "yes/no ma'ma/sir?" 
-Of course. If I didn't my mom would kill me.

17.) Whats your favorite "Southern food?" 
-I just like food...(I guess I could go with BBQ or Hash (the food not the illegal drug to clarify) 

18.) Do you listen to country music? If so, what's your favorite song? 
-YES. I really love country music. Its what I was raised on. I love it so much I couldn't possibly pick a favorite! 
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  1. Gorgeous dress! I'm also terrified of tornadoes. I love all your answers!


  2. I love the suit and the floppy hat!

  3. Very cute tag! I think we should bring back the "accent vlog"!

  4. The New Yorker in me loves hearing more about my southern blogger friends, its funny to read about their traditions!

  5. so jealous of your monogramming machine---sounds like a dream!

    Makeshift Munch


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