Thursday, August 28, 2014

Back to School...Am I a fool?

Someone smack my hand because I was slack on post and responding this week. I mean it was the first week back to school so I guess maybe I have an excuse? But who is excited for this long weekend we have coming up? I AM! I AM! But since school just started I figured I would write a post pretty much all about the joys (and not so much) of going BACK TO SCHOOL.

Lets start with the positive. 
1.) You get to see long lost friends who you lost touch with over the summer. 

Next is the negative...

2.) Books are expensive. 

Again with the positive. (You see the pattern we are following here??) 

3.) Pumpkin flavored things come back! (Pumpkin Spice Latte, Pumpkin candles, pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin hershey kisses, pumpkin muffins. The possibilities are endless.)

4.) I literally have no free time. I'm either at work, at school, or doing homework. I forget sometimes I need to eat and use the bathroom. And sleep? What's that? 

5.) But at least your school supplies are cute! (And monogramed in my case.) I mean I work better with cute stuff right? 

6.) My tan fades. I swear I go from looking like a bronze God to a ghost in a matter of seconds when school starts back. 

7.) I have an excuse to go shopping. (I mean I obviously need more clothing for back to school...hahhaha)

8.) Monday mornings are a thing again. And I always want to punch someone or stay in bed. 

9.) I suddenly have a social life again! 

10.) You are more productive than you will be all year. (This is a good and bad thing when you think about it...) 

I know this is a little different than what I typically do with the GIFS and such. But I love them so much so I thought maybe you guys would too!!! Have a great Friday and labor day weekend! 

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  1. I feel ya on all of these haha. I'm especially excited about pumpkin-flavored things this fall!


  2. PUMPKIN EVERYTHING! I am so happy about this haha. I love fall and am happy this summer is ending. I'm a total geek when it comes to school supplies. I love shopping for new binders, and pens and whatnot haha.

    Sunflowers & Love

  3. Great Post! Follow each other on GFC, Google+ and Bloglovin? If yes, follow me and i follow back as soon as i see it. Let me know with a comment on my Blog

    Keep in Touch xx Rabea from germany

  4. the 'I want to marry my bed' one has my name wrriten all over it haha! typical me!

    please check my blog as im new to this sort of stuff! thankyou.x

    -harriet x


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