Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sit and have a latte with me!

Recently I have been dying to just 'go have coffee' with a friend. It probably because most of my friends have moved back to college and now I am in my hometown without anyone. (I promise its not as depressing as it sounds...) 
So I was reading my friends Ashley's blog and loved her idea of having a coffee with you guys. So here we go sitting down at Le Coffee shop drinking our overpriced coffee. (Here is Ashley's post!

Well first I would obviously ask how you were, how your life is going. Naturally I would interrupt you with some stories because that's my best talent (Its really a habit I'm trying to break I promise.) When you are done telling me a little about you I will tell you about me. (After taking a long swig of something with chocolate in it...)

How I start my sophomore year of college tomorrow. How I just hate school. (I have a post coming this week ranting all about it.) How I had one of the best summers of my life. (see this blog post and watch the video! )

How I missed my boyfriend a lot when I don't see him a lot because he has moved away now. (He only moved an hour away but I like to be dramatic.) And how he will be gone the whole month of September for training before his deployment. 

I will tell you all about how this summer I had the opportunity to tryout for the role of Cinderella in a local theater production of drum roll please....Cinderella. (If we are truly friends, you would know this is my dream role!) I would confess to you that I gave it my all and didn't get the part. Which lets be honest, there were some tears shed. But then I will tell you how God provided an outlet to make his "princess" happy. (I actually got a role but I turned it down because of the following...)

The opening weekend of the play, My parents, my siblings and my grandparents will all be going to Gatlinburg, Tennessee!!! I am so excited because my family hasn't taken a vacation will all of us in about 17 years...Plus this will be my little brothers first trip ever!!! 

Then naturally the conversation will lead to Disney because since we are friends you are obsessed with Disney also. I will show you my Cinderella painting I did recently. I will tell you how I am trying to be more crafty. 
Then I will tell you (very excitedly) that I am going to Disney World the first weekend in September. My friend Hannah and I are going for the first weekend in September! I will express how I haven't been since I was three and I don't remember a THING! 

I would then tell you how I am really nervous with how fast time is passing by. That August is almost over. How time just seems to being RUNNING away and I wish I could just rewind to Kindergarten. But then we would laugh to make the subject more light and use the fast passing time as an excuse as to why we waited so long to do this and swear it wont be this long before we do it again. 

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  1. I love this! I live in my hometown, but most of my friends aren't there anymore either. It can be tough! I'm so glad you've had a great summer, and I hope you have a blast at Disney World!


  2. Disney World will be amazing, plus you will probably not have to deal with the lines because all the kids will be back to school by then. I'm headed there in November so I look forward to hearing what you did.

  3. Basically, half of those things would be the exact same if someone had coffee with me, so if we had coffee together.... It would just be ridiculous! Cannot contain my jealousy over you going to Disney soon- HOLY COW if the last time you were there, you were three, you will just about die with joy. It is so darn magical. I hear ya on story interruptions (I'm super bad about it too...), but at least you're self aware! I'm sorry you're not looking forward to school, but yay for being one step closer to being finished!!!

  4. Ah, I love this! I'm sorry I haven't e-mailed you.

  5. great post! I know how ya feel, I just moved away from all my friends and what I would do just to catch up with them over coffee.. thank god for skype!
    xo Jessica


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